Adrien Brody Said ‘The Pianist’ Sent Him Into a Deep Depression


It’s been a while since then The Pianist star Adrian Brody has been in the spotlight. Brody ‘s connection to the 2002 film, and the tax it imposed on his mental health, has made his project choices more selective – especially considering his family ties. The Pianistmain story.

‘The Pianist’ caused an emotional and physical disturbance in Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody
Adrien Brody | Toni Anne Barson / WireImage

Getting into a character who is going through so much was charging more taxes than Brody assumed.

“I had to sacrifice large parts of my personal life,” he said Indie wire in 2017. Brody said he was “caught by the” hungry diet “and even after the film was released, he stayed” on the courts of friends trying to start life again. “

He continued: “I was depressed for a year after that The Pianist, ”He said. “And I don’t suffer from that, in general. It wasn’t just depression; he lamented. What I embraced in making that film really bothered me, and the awareness it opened up in me. But what these things take from you transforms project into project. ”

As to why the actor hasn’t taken on major responsibilities since receiving an Oscar The Pianist, reserves the right to choose, saying, “I think it had to be something great.”