14 of the Most Terrifying Basement Scenes in Horror Films Ever


If 2020 hasn’t been scary enough, Halloween is just around the corner. One way to safely celebrate the season is to click on some of the most terrifying horror movies ever.

While there is a high level of creep in films, specific work and scenes do a better job of getting the hair on the back of the viewer’s neck to get attention. One real filmmaker will try to weave into an awesome movie like a basement. The cellars are usually decorated with antiques, cobwebs and plenty of broadcast spaces where the villian can hide.

Amityville, NY: Outside the house
Amityville, NY: Outside the house Stan Wolfson / Newsday RM through Getty Images

Groundworks Companies, a subsidiary of the Ohio Basement Authority, commissioned a study of the weakest spots on television and film. “To identify the weakest areas, we developed an Evil Score to rank what is happening in each floor of the screen,” according to Ohio Basement Authority. “Using a 0 through 10 scale, lower numbers show less scary scenes or less pain. Higher numbers indicate more catastrophe or more deaths. ”

In addition, the company also looked at the “Movie Scream Factor to understand the ground floor scene in context within the rest of the film. Using the IMDb score, high quality horror movies are more awful than low rated movies. ” Here are the 14 lowest views of the ground floor from “smallest” to “most”. ”

14. The Exorcist

1. The silence of the lambs

Ground floor bad score: 10
IMBD: 8.6

“The silence of the lambs” | Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

The creepy basement is a dark and creepy well where Bill Buffalo holds his victims before exterminating them.

The silence of the lambs and Get Out the only two horror films that got the scary basement during a scary movie mix.