What Michael Weatherly Wanted to Guarantee When He Left ‘NCIS’


Michael Weatherly came in NCIS for more than a decade, drawing fans into the clever and cunning Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo. His character was an essential part of the approach. It boasted an attractive romance with Ziva David, a sibling-like dynamic with McGee, and an apprenticeship-like relationship with Agent Gibbs.

Michael Weatherly Mark Harmon Sean Murray NCIS
Michael Weatherly, Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, of ‘NCIS’ Michael Yarish / CBS via Getty Images

When Michael Weatherly left the last series – after a comeback that came after Cote de Pablo left – he wanted to make sure he said goodbye appropriately. Although he stopped managing the original CBS Bull, the actor was greatly impressed by his departure.

As his career flourished he continued NCIS, as it would no longer be # 2, NCIS he began the career of the actor. it was into the show, but he was also a fan of the show. So his exit had to serve the series he loved so much. In the end, was he happy with his finals?

Michael Weatherly on his latest program ‘NCIS’

When asked if viewers would be happy with the “way it ends” for DiNozzo, he explained that it is impossible to predict such wide-ranging views. However, Weatherly believes that the writers did justice to the characters. He said:

I know there has been an incredible run over the last few weeks. I’m sure people, out of the tens of tens of millions of people who watch the show around the world will definitely have different opinions. But I think if people share my feelings about it, I then think it will be very optimistic.


Michael Weatherly noted that the time leading up to his decision was “amazing,” and was pleased with how those behind the show chose to end the character’s arc.

Although Pablo ‘s first outing left the door open – and as a result of her Ziva David’ s return at the end of season 16 – Weatherly is likely to return low. Considering his own show, find time for NCIS a particular look may not be as easy as it seems.