‘Twilight’: Did Taylor Lautner Take Steroids for ‘New Moon’ and What Was His Diet & Workout Routine?


Taylor Lautner practically won the lottery when she was thrown in Evening. Appearing Jacob Black in the world franchise would eventually capture him in global superstition and earn him millions of dollars. For years, fans lured Lautner and his corpus while showing the lovable werewolf inside. Evening, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, and, Breaking Dawn – Part 2. However, Lautner was very close to losing his part in the franchise.

Alum Twilight Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner | Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic

Fans an Evening Saga will remember that Lautner ‘s character, Jacob, is undergoing an intense transformation New Moon. Now able to change into a wolf, Jacob grows much taller and more muscular. The physical move is so appalling, that Summit Entertainment was seriously considering redesigning the role and taking on a better actor.

Taylor Lautner has almost been replaced in the franchise ‘Twilight’

However, instead of losing his job, Lautner adopted a strict diet and exercise regimen to gain the weight he needed to maintain the post. Fans of Evening horrified by Lautner ‘s physical transformation when he returned for his second film. But how did he manage to achieve his new physique, and did he take steroids to make up for it?

Did the movie star take steroids to change his physique?

In an interview with Collider, Lautner set the record just for Evening fans who questioned whether steroids helped him gain weight. “Absolutely not,” Lautner asked. However, Lautner promised five days in the gym and had a personal trainer who helped him a lot for the job. “I was in the gym about five days a week because it’s important to get your time back. And not to work too much on yourself, because if you work too much on yourself, I was trying to stress. And if I was in the gym, I would burn the calories I am trying to burn. ”

The ‘Twilight’ star worked hard to prepare for ‘New Moon’

Although Lautner worked hard, he admits it was not an exercise at all. Maintaining the diet required to pack on the muscles was the most challenging thing for the athlete. “The most important thing is the eating side,” he said Evening actor shared. “Everyone thinks it was getting out in the gym, that was easy. I was motivated, so it was easy for me to go to the gym. ”Lautner then said he had to carry food around all the time to make sure he was eating enough calories.

Lautner says changing his diet is the hardest part of preparing for ‘New Moon’

“However, eating was very hard. He was just eating a lot, we found that I needed to eat at least 3,200 calories a day just to keep up, ”he said. Evening star following. “And I’m not trying to keep up, I’m trying to win. So I had to eat more than that. And put something in your mouth every two hours. And I’m busy. I head down to LA going from meeting to meeting, so I don’t have time to eat so I literally had to carry a little baggie full of beef potatoes, raw almonds, sweet potatoes, so it’s not like every two hours I eat ice cream. It was sad. ”

Clearly, Lautner ‘s transformation was far from easy. However, it seems to be worth it. Thanks to his commitment, he was able to maintain his career in the Evening Saga. We’re sure his fans will be interested to see what projects he signs up to.