‘The Bachelorette’: Did Production Plan to Make Clare Crawley Quit All Along?


Clare Crawley shook things up a lot this season of Am Bachelorette when she fell in love with rival Dale Moss and decided she no longer wanted to be a Bachelorette. At the time, reports said the production team was scrambling to find someone to replace Crawley, but now Old boy Reality expert Steve maintains that it may have been a production plan to turn Crawley out.

Chris Harrison and Clare Crawley
Chris Harrison and Clare Crawley John Fleenor tro Getty Images

Clare left the show

When Crawley’s season was postponed due to a pandemic (COVID-19) pandemic, Moss was able to contact her.

“One of her prospects found a way to contact her and they started talking,” a source said People. “By the time the filming officially started, they were already in love. No one else stood a chance. It became so obvious from the next few dates that her heart was not there and she just didn’t feel it. Then she said she wanted out. “

It so happened that Tayshia Adams, who had been on the Bachelorette on the shortlist, he was single at the time and could replace Crawley.

“From the time we heard that Tayshia was taken to La Quinta to quarantine then start a film (it was nine days after Clare’s first night), I can tell you that this was the production plan before the Clare season began, ”Steve wrote. They knew Clare would be removed at some point during this season and replaced by Tayshia as a “Bachelorette”. Did Clare know? Did the boys know? It was not. But a sure production as h * ll did. So Clare falling for Dale early on, something productive made sense as a result of a conversation with Clare’s preview and knowing she was into it, this was their ‘twist’ from this season. ”

Steve made sure to deny that he could not prove any of these claims, but as the Bachelor nation knows, Steve has a reckless record to be right when it comes to everything Old boy.

“So the reports that came out while filming a production are being kept under guard, Clare is being put in a difficult place, they didn’t know what to do, and so on. They are all BS, ”he continued. “They knew they were bringing in Tayshia to take over as Bachelorette at some point during the season, before the filming even started. Clare didn’t put them off by falling for Dale, or scratching the production schedule. If that happened, the filming would have stopped at some point, and Tayshia would not have been included in just nine days for filming. ”