Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Proved They’re More Influential Away From Royal Family


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are no strangers to public appearances, but they took the opportunity of a recent television appearance to make an appeal for civic engagement in the U.S. People may be more used to seeing the two make official British appearances or be analyzed for their style, but it seems they’re breaking more thoroughly from British royal protocol with their political activities.

Meghan and Prince Harry left the royal family

The British monarchy no longer holds political power and still exists because the institution is accepted by the British people. As a figurehead that represents all the British people, the monarch stays out of politics and away from divisive issues.

While this applies mostly to the queen, the royal family also stays out of politics and generally doesn’t even vote. If opinion changed and enough people disagreed with the monarch on any issue, the institution could be discarded as it has been in many European countries.

The TV appearance isn’t the first time Meghan has been seen to do something political. In 2019, Meghan curated the September issue of British Vogue, but the women she selected as the 15 women trailblazers were seen by some to all be liberal.

Now that the Sussexes have left the royal family, Meghan is able to participate in more overtly political activities, as she had before her marriage. In addition to civic engagement, Meghan and Prince Harry have spoken out about racial equality, climate change, and mental health awareness. She recently also took part in a virtual voter registration event with Michelle Obama.

The Sussexes’ separation from the royal family has given them new opportunities to be influential in a way they simply could not have been as royals. As senior royals, Meghan and Prince Harry were passively political. As royals leading civilian lives, Meghan and Prince Harry are able to vocalize themselves more and make a stronger impact on society, and in turn, the world.