BTS’ RM Learned English From Watching This ’90s Sitcom


He enjoys writing music and hanging out with his dog. When abroad, however, RM often works as a BTS interpreter because he is bilingual. Here ‘s what this rapper said about the non – controversial way he picked up a second language – by watching a popular’ 90s sitcom.

RM is one of the BTS members who is fluent in English

He can rap in English and Korean. As a BTS director, RM often works as the organisation’s spokesperson and translator, making good use of his bilingual interview skills. Since their inception, a few other members of this K-pop group have acquired a second (or third) language.

Jungkook shared that he has worked and studied frequently, with the aim of having a conversation with a stranger before the end of the year. For their recent release, “Dynamite,” all BTS members sang entirely in English.

However, this was not the first time for V, who had released the solo song “Winter Bear” a year earlier. For RM, while abroad, this rapper considered how he picked up English by watching a popular American television series, even visiting the set while in Los Angeles. Angeles.

Members of BTS RM and Jimin
Members of BTS RM and Jimin THE FACT / Imazins through Getty Images

How did RM learn English?

Graph- During one interview air Ellen DeGeneres Exhibition, the director of BTS explained how he had become fluent in English.

“I taught myself English. The English teacher was my sitcom Friends. Back in the days when I was 15, 14, it was like a syndrome for Korean parents to get their kids to watch Friends. I thought I had suffered at the time, but now I’m lucky, ”RM said during the speech.

“Thanks to my mum, she’s bought DVDs every season, there are ten of them,” he continued. “First I watched with the subtitles Korean, then the next time I watched with English subtitles, I put it away. I love Friends. ”

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RM described how he taught English to James Corden

When RM described how he learned English with this sitcom on it The late show with James Corden, Jin and Suga had a few thoughts on how he managed to do that. They were in the back of the car during Karaoke Carpoolhowever, so RM did not hear them.

“Well, I’ve looked Friendsalso, but I can’t speak English, ”said Jin. Suga smiled, saying, “Me too. I enjoyed seeing it. ”

“Me too, it was fun,” Jin replied, then with Yoongi saying ‘He remembered to study. “

The music video “Dynamite” is now available on YouTube. Music by BTS, including their recently released album, Soul map: 7, available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major platforms.

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