Alex Trebek Said ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Creator Merv Griffin Cared More About ‘Wheel’: ‘He Had No Interest in ‘Jeopardy!’


Two of the longest running game shows ever, Jeopardy! and The wheel of fortune, created by the same man, Merv Griffin.

In his recent recollection, The answer is…, Jeopardy! Alex Trebek opened up hospitality about his idea that Griffin never cared about the show he directs as much as he did for him The wheel of fortune.

Here is what Trebek had to say.

left to right: Alex Trebek of 'Jeopardy!'  and Pat Sajak of 'Wheel of Fortune'
left to right: Alex Trebek of ‘Jeopardy!’ and Pat Sajak of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

Merv Griffin created ‘Jeopardy!’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Merv Griffin, who as well as being a media mogul also hosted his own acclaimed televised talk show, was the one who delivered two of the most surviving mid-game game shows.

Griffin created and produced Jeopardy!, as well as the less cerebral ones The wheel of fortune.

left to right: Alex Trebek, Vanna White, Merv Griffin, and Pat Sajak
left to right: Alex Trebek, Vanna White, Merv Griffin, and Pat Sajak | Mark Sullivan / WireImage

And Griffin, who died in 2007, never stopped at game shows. He also wrote music, especially the Jeopardy! a theme song to be heard during the Jeopardy Final! accurate.

“Those little 30 seconds have made me a fortune, millions,” he said The New York Times in 2005. “You don’t want to find out. Probably nearly $ 70-80 million. “

Reik Griffin Jeopardy! and The wheel of fortune in 1986 to Coca-Cola for $ 250 million, but his estate still gets the kingdoms from the tune of attraction.

Alex Trebek said ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is Merv Griffin’s more child

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In his 2020 commemoration, The answer is…, Alex Trebek spoke The wheel of fortune, his own question and answer show, Merv Griffin ‘s attractive personality – and the like Wheel.

“Merv was indeed a warm man,” he wrote. “He had the unique ability to draw you in and make you feel like you were saying it was the only thing that mattered to him at that time.

“The few trips I spent with Merv were very special, but we didn’t have many friendships. He left Jeopardy! completely alone. He immersed himself the first year or two in the design and colors of the set. And he made a guest star with me on a program of The Golden Girls that was fired on our set. But that’s it. ”

Trebek is aware that the creator of his show did not like it Jeopardy! He seemed to have a greater relationship with him The wheel of fortune.

“He had the show, his baby The wheel of fortune. It was a real pleasure to come up with the puzzle words for Wheel. But he had no interest in it Jeopardy!

Is Alex Trebek sick of hearing the Jeopardy! subject song?

Jeopardy!a subject song is instantly recognizable and often heard everywhere, in fact. Not just during the Last Jeopardy.

So is Alex Trebek tired of the tune?

“People ask me, ‘Are you ever tired of hearing it? ‘No, it’s just part of the show. I’m used to it. With permission, I will not go around crouching it. But I like it when it’s played at a basketball game or when the referees at an NFL game go to the video replay. It is part of the Americana. ”