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’90 Day Fiancé: How Does Elizabeth’s Brother Charlie Really Feel About His Outburst at the Wedding?


Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet’s Moldovan wedding was not safe from their family drama. The 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after stars did their best to keep things cheerful. But Elizabeth ‘s brother, Charlie Potthast, ended up creating a big scene in front of all their guests.

Now, on the program Tell All, Andrei and Elizabeth deal with their family issues. And after watching the snippet of his behavior, Charlie finally reveals how he feels about his behavior.

Chuck and Charlie Potthast with Andrei and Elizabeth Castravet on the ’90 Fiancé Day ‘Tell All | TLC / Youtube

Charlie creates a scene at a ’90 Day Fiancé ‘couple wedding in Moldova

As seen earlier this season onwards 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after, Andrei and Elizabeth hosted their second wedding in Moldova so that both sides of their families could enjoy it. But after seeing how big the reception was, Charlie started giving snide comments about the couple.

“It may be a monarchy in Moldova, but it is ab ** ch ass in America.” “The King of Moldova, not America.”

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Hearing the comments, Elizabeth’s father, Chuck Potthast, told Charlie to “cool off” and not create a scene at the wedding. But Charlie ignored his father’s advice. After eating a few drinks, he grabbed the microphone during Chuck’s toast and started killing Andrei.

“I just want to say, we have to stop paying for your bull * t,” he said above the spokesman. “Get your sh * t together. Do not come to America and try to stay away from my father. ”

Chuck and Andrei tried to stop Charlie. But whenever someone tried to take the son away, he pulled him out.

‘Don’t ask my father for sh * t,’ continued Charlie. “Come to America, and earn your living.”

Andrei tried to talk Charlie down

Despite being insulted in front of his family and friends, Andrei was still trying to talk Charlie down. at the time of the wedding. He pulled his brother-in-law to one side and asked him to take it easy for the night, but Charlie seemed close to a fight.

Their tempers landed in the middle of a heat exchange earlier in the season. But this time, Andrei kept cool. “Listen, we have to stop the fire tonight,” he said uselessly.

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When Charlie followed his rant on the dance floor, Elizabeth begged him not to ruin her night. “I won’t take af ** k,” replied Charlie, expressing his anger at Chuck paying for the wedding. “I’m going to defend [Chuck.] And you’re not going to steal his money at all. ”

Charlie addresses his rebellion on Fiancé Day ’90: Happily Ever After ‘Tell All

In Part 1 of the 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after Tell everyone, host Shaun Robinson played the snippet of Charles’ rebellion at the wedding and asked him what he thought of his behavior.

‘That was a shame,’ admitted Charlie. “I had too much to drink, and I was out of line.”

But Charlie also noted that anything he said during his rant was what he felt in his heart.

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“It’s the things you think and don’t usually say,” he said. “Alcohol will bring you out. Even after all that my father did to him, you know, he’s still disrespectful. ”

A preview reveals the return of Andrei and Elizabeth for Parts 2 and 3 of Chuck and Charlie’s Tell All. New events on Sunday on TLC.