Biggie called the head of the house to come and collect a scroll, Seyi got the scroll and invited everyone to come to the lounge. Mercy was nowhere to be found.

The head of house started getting irritated that where is Mercy is she having her bath, and started calling out for Mercy to come to the lounge that they are all waiting for her, some other housemates joined in the call too. Then Tacha said she is doing this deliberately why go have her bath around this time. Seyi now sent Cindy to call her. Tacha kept talking in her usual way.

From a far distance, we could hear Mercy say what’s going on why is she talking? then Cindy passed the message across to Tacha that she said you are stupid.

That was how Tacha started barking. Mercy came in and faced her. Then Tacha said she is looking for clout… Then both of them started going back and forth, then the guys too faced themselves like they were fighting too, saying they also want highlights… but the ladies still found a way to get our attention with their rants. ;D

Watch the video below;