‘The Shining’: Shelley Duvall Said One of the ‘Worst Days’ of Her Life Was While Shooting This One Scene


Shelley Duvall is very talkative about how challenging her experience was The glow. Since Stanley Kubrick was a perfectionist when it came to his movies, he was willing to push his actors to the level of fatigue to get the best shot. And in one particular scene, Duvall had to go through 127 passes in order to master it. Unfortunately for Duvall, she considered it “one of the worst days” of her life.

Stanley Kubrick on the set of 'The Shining'
Stanley Kubrick on the set of ‘The Shining’ | Sunset Boulevard / Corbis tro Getty Images

Shelley Duvall describes being ‘confused’ while filming ‘The Shining’

Sadly, Duvall states that she dealt with a “confused attack” while filming the film. In the documentary Vivian Kubrick, Make the glow, the actress can be seen lying on the floor working to find her breath. Production assistants can be seen trying to help Duvall, giving her bottled water and cubic pillows to lie on.

“I attacked a set very badly,” she says tighinnsoon.net. “And I believe that’s what is reflected in the documentary. As most people know, the shooting was really hard on me, and I got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed some rest, but resting costs money and people have to take the bullet, so I had a bit of a break. ”

Shelley Duvall barely walked off the set because of the weight of the scene

When an actor walks off the set in the middle of a scene, you know they mean business. The actors are aware that extended time costs money, and any breakup will cost the company a lot. But Duvall was so anxious while filming the scene that she was ready to walk. The highlight of the film was that they continued to re-enact when Wendy repeatedly placed the bat on her husband, Jack.

Duvall says she was so tired and sad that she could no longer speak. She says that the tears are real eyes. Because they kept the scene 127 hours, they stayed up until 5 in the morning to make it perfect.

She appears to comingsoon.net,

“That scene was awful. I remember almost running out of breath because I couldn’t talk anymore. The tears are real in the movie! I was so tired and tired of all the many things. I almost walked off the set. And I remember Take 99 in particular. The guy came up with the clapper board, said Take 99, and I said to Jack, ‘You must be f *** ing kidding me? ‘

“I couldn’t believe there was already a lot of acceptance,” she continues. “And I thought I had only done it 10 or 11 times in that time. I was just tuning out. Stanley was teasing me, yelling at me, the team was tired, we had all been on the set since 5 am shooting this ONE scene, and finally, I did it right ! This was one of the worst days of my life when I was shooting a movie. It looked so much easier in the script! But take a look at what Stanley found out from me. People really like that look! ”

Shelley Duvall thinks all the hard work was worth it in the end

Duvall says that, despite the gloom at the time of Kubrick ‘s film, it’ s worth it in the long run. Why? With people still obsessing over the film years later the actor is amazed. “While the feeling in the set was sometimes unpleasant, I now remember a film that became a horrible classic,” she said. “I am amazed at the fact that people are still watching and talking about 31 years later. ”