‘Star Wars’: The Best Lightsaber Duel In the Original, Prequel, and Sequel Trilogy


If there’s one particular image that makes Star Wars Star Wars, it’s the lighting duelaber. They play a key role in almost all of these Star Wars stories, especially the Skywalker saga.

From the Phantom Menace’s three-track duel to Yoda and Count Dooku hitting blades in Attack of the Clones, the lightaber duels are always a highlight, even in the sad prequel trilogy.

So building options is a big job. Perhaps the easiest way to break it down is to consider the three trilogies – the prequel, the original and the sequel. Here’s what some fans came up with.

People dressed up as Star Wars characters
People dressed up as Star Wars characters Karol Serewis / Gallo Images Poland / Getty Images

An trquogy prequel

Subject to Reddit includes two options from the prequels: “Duel of the Fates” fight from Episode I. and the battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker turned from Episode III. Of those two, Obi-Wan vs Anakin / Vader takes the upper hand, and that’s more than understandable, considering that’s the battle on which the whole prequel trilogy turns .

That was discussed even before the prequel trquogy existed – it was mentioned in an update The Jedi return.

But the battle of Episode I is so effective that it has its own name – “Duel of the Fates,” with a theme of John Williams that is instantly recognizable despite the trilogy prequel and The Phantom Menace in particular take a lot of abuse.

Williams was nominated for Oscars for all of his Star Wars scores except the prequels – and especially with “Duel of the Fates,” that oversight is sad.

As one fan commented, “This is very sad, I like both duke luke vs vader duel, duel of the fates and vader vs obiwan. They’re all amazing, but I believe I’ll give DOTF a little margin. ”

The original trilogy

The main light-hearted battle of the original 1977 film was the one between Vader and Obi-Wan, which looks quaint by today’s standards. One of the funest Honest Trailer for Rogue One whether that film shows Vader throwing rubbish into a whole platoon of invaders. So by comparison, the duel enters New hope it seems tame. The narrator shouts, “Booo! Do more tricks! ”

That set, the original trilogy showcased not one but two Luke / Vader duels that were at least equally memorable. The one in Empire strikes back he continued to the immortal line “I’m your father”, but apparently stopped by the man in Return of the Jedi, with Luke flying in a rage and almost killing his father after swear to save it.

One Reddit fan commented “There is a bit of emotion and conflict inside. And there is a connection between the two fighters. It’s not just two or three basic aliens fighting after just meeting each other, as many other fights tend to be. ”

Trilogy of the sequel

In contrast, the sequel trilogy seems to be coming up relatively short in full-time light-timer fights. The top three are probably Rey vs Kylo vs Finn in The Force Awakens, Rey vs Kylo vs the Throne Room guards in The Last Jedi, and the last light duel so far, Rey vs. Kylo enter The Rise of Skywalker.

Of those three, the throne room is fought into Last Jedi they came very close to winning the entire vote. One fan commented, “There is not much to fight in TRoS itself. Two things happen during the fight although those are some of the rare things I like about the film. Ben’s shrug was excellent. Rey and Ben had the last touch and the perfect saber pass. The real fight itself was though it was meh. I think it would have been great if they fought side by side again and then brought Palps together, but you know, YEAR. ”

Maybe Am Mandalorian will a man come up yet?