‘Saturday Night Live’: Why Jim Carrey Was Repeatedly Rejected From ‘SNL’


Jim Carrey emerged as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a recent program of Saturday Night Live. Depending on the election result, supporter Joe Biden may have a much better chance of appearing in addition to the weekly comedy sketch show – especially since political commentary is such a big part of SNL ‘s repertoire.

In fact, if Biden ‘s character becomes a more frequent role, they may turn to their own regular hunting members to fill the space instead of navigating a busy guest list. However, Alec Baldwin has been stepping in year after year to deliver his turn now as Trump.

At least we’ll see more of Carrey on it SNL or not yet to be seen, but what we do know is that the actor and the series had a controversial history up to this point.

Jim Carrey got a head start on a different sketch comedy show

Jim Carrey will be attending the 2018 British Academy Britannia Awards
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Carrey has deep roots in comedy and is still famous for his early roles in silly slapstick movies like Ace Ventura: Pet Finder, Among, The Cable Guy, and Dumb and dumb. While Carrey took off her last typecast as an over-the-top comedian to play in more dangerous films like Man on the Moon and Truman Exhibition, he still turns back to his old shtick over and over again.

It was this humorous delivery and physical humor that allowed him to take roles like the Grinch and Dick Harper off Fun with Dick and Jane. Before rising to this level of fame, however, Carrey earned a prominent position as a cast member on In vivid color.

The sketch comedy series was the brainchild of Keenan Ivory Wayans and the predominantly black team included several of the Wayans sisters as well as Jamie Foxx. Carrey had long been a regular fixture on the popular show, which aired for five seasons.

There was some tension in ‘In Living Color’ and ‘SNL’

Jim Carrey at a photograph
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In vivid color it was definitely a Wayans heavy vehicle, and that set the show – which many saw as Fox ‘s response SNLpopular – in extra tension with NBC’s funny juggernaut. Damon Wayans had been a member of SNL, stepping in after Eddie Murphy left.

Since Wayans was one of the few Black actors at a time when most of the cast members were white, he was always compared to Murphy, who left big shoes to fill. Wayans did not appear in just 11 events, most of which required some involvement. When he portrayed a character with more weight, he seemed to be largely in racial stereotypical roles, and Wayans was so annoyed that none of his sketching ideas seemed to make it to the filming stage.

As Wayans expressed his discomfort and harassment with network officials, he gained a reputation as difficult to work with. In response, Wayans said: “No, I am not a slave. ”

The tension came to an end when Wayans deliberately issued instructions to portray the character of a police officer as heterosexual and instead saw him as a man who was going to be gay. Wayans was shot on the spot, but it wasn’t long before he found his leg In vivid color instead.

To this day, Wayans says he has no regrets about how things went, but the situation certainly made the comparison between SNL and In Living Color a little tighter.

Jim Carrey has been rejected from ‘SNL’ several times

Although it is obvious that Carrey found a long-term home with In vivid color, was rejected from SNL many times. He did interviews for the show for both Season 6 and Season 11, but no attempt was successful.

according to Rant Screen, Carrey was rejected early in the process and creator Lorne Michaels never got to see his auditions. Looking back on the decision, Michaels said they knew which star Carrey was: “They were wrong, but it doesn’t matter. Or maybe they were right – who knows? No one is getting it right. ”

Carrey’s SNL rejection puts him in good company. There would be others SNL stars who did not make the cut include Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Colbert, and Steve Carell. There was no bad blood between the show and Carrey, however, and he ended up hosting SNL many times and now he may get a chance to repeat Biden’s personalization at other times in the future.