‘Big Brother’: 1 Important Rule Bans Houseguests From Singing


2020 marks the 20th summer of Big brother. With so much uncertainty surrounding TV productions and timelines, fans of the reality TV series were delighted to hear that CBS would be moving forward with its 22nd season this year. The latest season is All-Star, meaning the best ones were invited back into the house to show their rivals and America where they come from. Each week the householders compete for powers such as the Head of the Household or the Veto. Whoever is playing, there are some Big brother staples what the contestants and the audience can expect. Zingbot, of course, to be one of them. The show is unique, at least, and as a result, it comes with a weird and unique set of rules.

Inspector Talvera and Jack Matthews on Big Brother 21 laugh
(LR) Inspector Talvera and Jack Matthews Sonja Flemming on Big Brother / CBS via Getty Images

What are some of the weirdest rules competitors have to follow when on ‘Big Brother’?

In many ways, staying at the Big brother a house may look like a holiday, but rivals and players have just set the record. Yes, the “house” is very nice and there is a pool. Not to mention, homeowners seem to take a break from work and daily responsibilities they may have at home, but at the end of the day, live in the Big brother it is easier said than done. In addition to all the strategic and tedious games, there are a lot of rules that homeowners must remember to follow. Not to mention, many of them are pretty weird.

For game and streaming purposes, CBS urges householders to stop using any high school language. But, of course, there are more challenging ones, such as not being able to communicate with the outside world. Or not being able to use paper and pen. On the same note, reading books is prohibited. With a major draw of the series revolving around 24/7 access to what homeowners are doing, they need to make sure they are not whistling. Production and the audience must always be in the inner circle! However, of all the rules Brothe Mòrr applied over the years, there is one that may look strangely tight.

What rule prohibits house guests from singing?

Some of the rules on it Big brother make perfect sense. For example, CBS does not tolerate violence. Fans and viewers may remember that this came into play in season 14 when Willie Hantz was kicked out of the house for his violent nature, according to Weekly Us. On the other hand, there are some rules that some people might raise a few eyes at. Like the rule that prohibits house guests from singing.

Even for those who aren’t good at it, singing is a fun and easy way to pass the time, especially when you’re involved. Big brother house for most of the summer. Some people may find this rule very strange, but believe it or not, it all comes down to copyright laws, according to The Things. As a result, CBS is urging all householders to stop commenting on any media at all. Many former players have shared how challenging this is due to too much time being spent at home.

What other old householders were evicted from Big Brother’s house?

Unfortunately, Hantz wasn’t the only Big Brother contender asked to leave the house. Justin Sebik is perhaps one of the most forgetful players inside Big brother history. Unfortunately, not for the right reasons. Sebik played on season 2 and was asked to leave the house after holding a knife to the neck of another housewife, according to Weekly Us. Two seasons later, Scott Weintraub found himself in a similar situation. Following a violent meltdown, representatives had also ousted Weintraub. These are just two of many hotels with a complex history on the real TV series.