‘I Love Lucy’: Lucille Ball’s Reaction When She First Saw Desi Arnaz


I Love Lucy Star Lucille Ball had responded strongly to Desi Arnaz when she first met him. Early on, she made up her mind about what she would look like in the future.

Lucille Ball learned about Desi Arnaz after playing an album

Desi Arnaz and Ball Lucille  Archives of William Grimes / Michael Ochs / Getty Images
Desi Arnaz and Ball Lucille Archives of William Grimes / Michael Ochs / Getty Images

Ball first became aware of Arnaz when he starred in the musical comedy Too many girls. In her book, Love, Lucy, Ball said that women were immediately attracted to Arnaz. His music was a huge success, and all the newspapers rave reviews of the production.

“From the way girls treated him, Elvis Presley was his day,” wrote Ball. “Away from the stairs he was surrounded by movie stars, stage stars, and all the major debutantes, including the beautiful Brenda Frazier. ”

Lucille Ball was disciplined when she first saw Desi Arnaz

When Ball first saw Arnaz performing, she couldn’t stop it. She said her looks and charisma were great.

“I could not take my eyes off this Desi Arnaz,” Ball wrote. “A striped football jersey blew the big shoulders and chest, while those slim buttons in tight football pants moved to the catchy rhythms of the bongo drum he was wearing. I recognized the kind of electronic charm that can never be found: star quality. ”

Ball loved Arnaz’s appearance, but she said she started laughing as soon as he started talking. She thought his humor and broken English were appealing. The ball was funny because it made me laugh a lot.

“Then Desi opened his mouth and started speaking in his own special brand of broken English, and a big belly smile came out of me,” Ball wrote. “Now it’s hard to make me laugh. I notice, I smile, but when I’m full of humor you hear me block away. Here was an elegant man who was not only fun but funny. What a mix! ”

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz spent most of the time talking

Member Lucille and Desi Arnaz  Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Photos
Member Lucille and Desi Arnaz Bettmann / Contributor / Getty Photos

Member said she first met Arnaz on the RKO mast. They immediately hit him and Arnaz called out for dinner. She said she enjoyed talking to him just as well as the way he looked. They talked through most of their date and got to know each other.

“We went to a nightclub, but instead of joining the conga line we sat at a small table, talking and talking,” wrote Ball. “I might confess here and now I fell in love with Desi wham, brag! In five minutes. There was only one thing better than watching Desi, and that was talking to him. ”

Lucille Ball said she did a ‘flip’ for Desi Arnaz

Ball’s colleagues tried to persuade her not to engage romantically with Arnaz, but she would not listen. She had only eyes for him, and nothing could decide to move on with a relationship.

“Everyone in the studio knew I was in sight of Desi, and most of them warned me against him,” wrote Ball. ‘He’s a flame in the pope,’ I said to him, ‘he’s too young for you. Or, ‘He’s a Catholic dyed in wool and you’re a Protestant,’ and so on. But I was moved. ”

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