Regina King on Her Time In Hollywood: ‘I Have More Power Than I Thought I Had’


Regina King, the acclaimed star of award – winning projects such as If I could talk about Beale Street and HBO’s Watchers making a new TV series. That’s how she found her powerful voice.

Regina King is making a new TV series with her sister for The CW

Regina King
Regina King with her Emmy at the 72nd Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 20, 2020 | ABC through Getty Images

according to Last date, King and his sister Reina King are making the new CW drama series Slay. The exhibition will be about:

Carson Jones, a bold, witty teenager with afro puffers, leather boots, cool ’70s and – thanks to her mother’s old African bloodline – supernatural gifts and the responsibility to use them to protect Virginia’s Historic Triangle (one of the areas most attractive in the country) from the forces of darkness.

In a recent profile in Glamor, King spoke about the projects she is doing now. But she also thought about her long career in Hollywood. She told the magazine:

There are times where I feel like I can look back on my life and definitely see that I may have more power than I thought I had, and because I didn’t know, I didn’t I got into it. I didn’t let myself use it, because I didn’t understand it.

However, King has gotten to that power. How did the Oscar-winning actor find his voice in the industry?

“I can’t say there was a moment, a special moment, where a light bulb that went like that, ‘Wow. You have some cachet. You can move something, ‘”she explained. But, over time, she seized on that divine strength.

“… I will say that thank God for wisdom because I am much more in tune with that power,” King told Glamor.

Regina King premieres HBO Watchmen
Regina King at the premiere of HBO’s Watchers in 2019 | Frazer Harrison / Getty Photos

King was a voice for the unrepresented at the 2019 Golden Globes

As Glamor pointed out, King is using his power as a Hollywood producer to raise others underrepresented in the entertainment industry. In her 2019 Golden Globes acceptance speech, the Watchers star divided:

I’m going to use my platform right now to say that, in the next couple of years, all I do, I swear – and it’s going to be hard – to do sure all I do is 50% women.

King has captured his voice – something that became very clear in last year’s acceptance speech. And she put on other industry-leading wigs to follow.

“I just challenge anyone out there who is in a position of power – not just in our industry, in every industry – I challenge you give yourself and stand with us in loyalty and do the same, ”she said at the Golden Globes.