Jada Pinkett Smith Revealed She Was ‘Bursting Into Tears’ Early in Her Career and ‘Didn’t Know Why’


Jada Pinkett Smith was lucky to have career success after moving to LA but, she admitted during 2018 Red Table Conversation, she had an “emotional breakdown” in her 20s. She shared some of her journey with depression and how she found her way to joy.

Jada Pinkett Smith will be attending the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards
Jada Pinkett Smith will be attending the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards David Crotty / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

Jada Pinkett Smith said she had a nervous breakdown

During 2018 Red Table Conversation program about mental health, Pinkett Smith got candid about suffering from depression even as her career was beginning.

“I had a depression that I definitely feel affected my stability of mind,” she explained. “I had got to LA and had some success and I realized that was not the answer. That wasn’t all there was to it. ”

“It made matters worse and I became very suicidal and completely collapsed,” Pinkett Smith continued. “When you don’t just have control over your emotions, your thoughts, you feel completely and completely out of control. ”

The actress did not know why she was bursting into tears

Pinkett Smith said she was “depressed” at the time and now knows that this is what people would think would break down. ”

She explained how challenging it was to feel this way. “Every minute of the day, you’re talking to yourself, trying to keep you on track… (trying to keep yourself) from hurting yourself, trying to you to keep myself from others realizing that something is wrong, but they know something is wrong, because every minute I was just bursting into tears and I didn’t know why. ”

According to the actor, “she came to think that it was very difficult for me to get out with success.” She added that she had “guilt and shame that came with my success,” saying, “You have to leave so many people and that was depressing.”

Jada Pinkett Smith discovered the key to happiness when she was 47

Pinkett Smith explained how she tried medication and therapy but it didn’t help to share how she struggled with depression for years.

From her “long journey” navigating her mental health, she said, “I had to find my way, which is why it took so long. Now, thankfully, I’m not depressed. I also think I need to dispel some false beliefs. I just had to give up and just deal with just what life is all about. ”

During the 2019 interview on The Late Show, guest Stephen Colbert asked Pinkett Smith how she said she finally felt happy for the first time when she was 47-years-old.

She happily summed up the mystery, explaining, “I thought happiness was much about happiness, and I realized that happiness is about peace. I am the most peaceful I have ever been in my life, so I am the happiest. “