‘Deadpool 3’: Ryan Reynolds Know Exactly Which ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Star He Wants to Add to the Cast


The rumors around Deadpool 3 heating up. Several reports have surfaced claiming that Marvel boss Kevin Feige is looking at Ryan Reynolds for a multi-agency contract. For his part, Reynolds has proven that Deadpool 3 now in active development after the studio dragged its feet on the project for years. Now, insiders say Reynolds wants to introduce a special Avengers: Endgame star on board for third installment.

Ryan Reynolds has several projects at various stages of development

according to We got this covered, Reynolds currently has 13 different projects at various stages of development. This includes Deadpool 3. But with so many projects, it’s hard for some fans to believe that the MCU is a top priority for the actor.

Feige may be thinking the same thing. If the reports are true, the Marvel boss intends to offer Reynolds the biggest deal in Marvel ‘s history. This would mean a contract of at least ten photographs. It would also make the MCU a top priority for Reynolds.

Of course, not all of these films would be Deadpool solo films. The deal could allow Wade Wilson to appear in any upcoming MCU hurdle. It could be part of an ensemble piece like the new Avengers. Alternatively, Deadpool could join another Marvel superhero for a “buddy” adventure.

Reynolds has been generally silent about his future with the MCU. However, the latest report on the future of Deadpool states that Reynolds enjoys the idea of ​​a “buddy” adventure. In fact, insiders say his eye is on specials Avengers: Endgame star.

Could Tom Holland ‘Spider-Man’ Deadpool 3 ‘feature?

The latest inside information about Merc with a Mouth comes from defender Mikey Sutton at Geekosity. Sutton has revealed that his sources tell him that Marvel is considering a Deadpool and Spider-Man team.

“Insiders tell me that both companies are ecstatic about the idea of ​​a buddy movie with Spider-Man and Deadpool. There are no filmmakers involved yet, and this will definitely not be Spider-Man 3, ”said Sutton.

He went on to say that Sony and Disney are seeing “funny and commercial gold” with Tom Holland ‘s Spider-Man “beating” with Reynolds’ Deadpool. Sutton also said that the idea of ​​Spider-Man and Deadpool combined is becoming more popular than Reynolds’ Deadpool teaming up with Wolverine with Hugh Jackman.

Sutton explains that Spider-Man 3 going to be one of the darkest Spidey movies in the MCU. This would make a funny version with Holland and Reynolds characters as “funny antithesis.”

If fans turn to Marvel comics, they will see that there is a lot of value in this idea. Spider-Man and Deadpool have a long history together. They have been everything from enemies to good friends. Holland and Reynolds also seem to have a good relationship with IRL.

Ryan Reynolds also asks Tom Holland to join him for the buddy film ‘Deadpool’

We got this covered notes that it is not just the studios that are fond of this idea. Reynolds is reportedly on board as well. Now that Spider-Man has lost his mentor following the death of Tony Stark, Reynolds sees Deadpool as Spidey’s partner. And, it could be for more than one movie.

Insiders say Reynolds is “very keen” to work with the Netherlands. However, there are still many questions about how the two characters come together. We got this covered also notes that Sony is trying to sign the Netherlands to its own multi-image contract.

It’s five years since Sony first launched Holland as Spider-Man. Insider Daniel Richtman says the studio wants to reward the actor with a big deal with a big deal. It’s unclear how many projects Sony wants Holland. However, like Reynolds’ Deadpool, he is likely to be for “future spinoffs and solo films.”

Spider-Man 3 it hits theaters on December 17, 2021.