Cardi B Once Revealed She Didn’t Love Calling Offset Her Husband ‘In Public’


We know Cardi B for her amazing hip hop beats and hilarious personality. Now, she’s in the news more than ever thanks to her relationship with rap co-star Offset.

Offset and Cardi B are married and have a child together, but they appear to be in the middle of a divorce. And Cardi B once told Jimmy Kimmel that she didn’t like calling her husband’s Offset when it was in public. Here is what she said.

Cardi B was not initially interested in Offset

Offset (L) and Cardi B will attend Rihanna’s 5th Annual Diamond Ball
Offset (L) and Cardi B will attend Rihanna’s 5th Annual Diamond Ball | Images Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty for Diamond Ball

Cardi B and Offset have a pretty amazing relationship. While they have a daughter (and a lot of love for each other) now, Cardi B had little interest in the rapper at first. Offset seems to have been very sympathetic to Cardi B at first, but Cardi felt that Offset was not bad about her and was only attracted to sex with her.

“I felt like, you know. Rapper, they’re just trying to f * ck and everything, ”Cardi said in an interview posted to Twitter.

Offset seemed unwilling to give up so easily, though. “He was very consistent,” continued Cardi B. “He really wanted to talk to me. … And then as I kept talking to him and he keeps saying, ‘I’ve been looking at you for a long time. I love your music. You have a lot of potential. ‘And it’s just like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. You want f * ck. ”

Cardi ended up giving Offset a chance, though. They started dating back in 2017, and it’s been a wild ride ever since.

She once said she did not like to call her husband Offset in the public eye

Offset and Cardi B fans know that Offset has made the recommendation well in 2017. The couple played together at a concert in Philadelphia on October 27, 2017. And that’s when Offset went down on one knee in front of 60,000 people. Cardi B looked horrified by what her boyfriend was doing, but she accepted.

After the birth of their daughter in 2018, Cardi visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about her baby, her music, and her life. And instead of calling Offset her husband on the first mention, she named the father of her child.

“Who was in the delivery room with you?” Jimmy Kimmel asked Cardi.

“There were a lot of people,” Cardi admitted. “He was my sister, he was my journalist, he was my baby father, my mother, my father, my mother-in-law.”

“Now, you say the father of your child,” Kimmel notes. “However, the father of your child is your husband. Are you still getting used to saying ‘my husband’? ”

“I mean, I’ve been naming my husband for a long time,” Cardi said. “However, not in public and everything.”

Do Cardi B and Offset really get separated?

Offset of Migos and Cardi B.
Migos and Cardi B antagonists attend Allure Monday Nights at Allure Gentlemen’s Club | Prince Williams / Wireimage

Cardi B and Offset appear to be in the middle of a divorce, as Offset’s deceptive tactics in the past seem to have caught on. But after her birthday bash in October 2020, fans noticed that the exes who were about to kiss and look were completely in love. And Cardi B seemed to admit that she’s not quite sure what she’s doing at this stage.

“Listen y’all, I’m just lying b * tch,” she explained on Instagram Live. “You know how I argue with yall on social media? That’s exactly how I argue with my husband. “She went on to say she’s happy one day, and the next day she’s tired.” And then, I don’t know. It’s just like, I’m just starting to miss her. “

“I don’t know what it is,” said Cardi. “We are really just two young mothers who got married early. That is what we are. “

It seems that a compromise could certainly be possible between Cardi and Offset. We have to wait to see what they decide.

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