Warner Bros. Reportedly Tried (& Failed) to Get Robert Downey Jr. to Play a Primary DC Hero: What Went Wrong?


Today, it seems that Robert Downey Jr. famous for his long work on Tony Stark / Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He first brought the billionaire, a playmate, a philanthropist to life in 2008 – starting what would become a controversial multi-documentary saga and franchise in the money sector.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

While it would be hard to imagine RDJ playing any other hero, reports suggest Warner Bros. has tried. to snatch the actor near the end of his Marvel contract. However, while the studio wanted to sign the man behind Iron Man, it shouldn’t have. So what character was RDJ supposed to play, and why did the throwing option fall through the cracks?

As his time playing Iron Man came to an end, the studio apparently began their quest. However, while they wanted the actor for Hal Jordan – the same character statement played by Reynolds years before – they were unable to get him to sign on the dotted line. The report suggests that WB could not put RDJ into their budget, especially if the production was to be a showcase on their new streaming platform. However, while RDJ is out, there may be another Marvel alum inside.

Is Michael B. Jordan (who played Killmonger in the MCU) going to represent Green Lantern?

Michael B. Jordan showed Killmonger’s main antagonist in the MCUs Black panther, assumes one of the most outward and three-dimensional flowers in the franchise. While he didn’t have a long heroic run in the Marvel world, he might get that just under the shadow of DC.

According to recent reports, WB is looking at Michael B. Jordan for John Stewart – an architect from Detroit, Michigan, and another comic book version of the title character. Defenders of the World will hire him after Hal Jordan’s assistant Guy Garnder was seriously injured. While he struggles with authority figures and tends to struggle, Stuart’s heart is usually in the right place. And, while Stewart may be the main Green Lantern, Hal Jordan may still appear, but a remake of the character may be launched at this point.