‘Sister, Sister’: Which Love Interest Has the Highest Net Worth


Sister, Sister Tia and Tamera Mowry became household names. Audiences were also introduced to a number of supportive characters on the television series, some of whom were love interests of the couple. All three of them have very special tours in Hollywood, and as a result they have a different net worth.

Marques Houston in 2016
Marques Houston in 2016 | Vivien Killilea / Getty Images for Smile Train, Inc.

‘Sister, Sister’ is a popular partner in the 1990s

Sister, Sister, first published in 1994 on ABC. As well as the sisters, Sister, Sister also included Jackée Harry, Tim Reid and Marques Houston. It focused on a separated couple at birth who find each other in an opportunity meeting at a store. The girls and their parents are going to be a mixed family, Tia and Lisa move in with Tamera and Ray so the girls can spend the teen growing up together.

ABC dropped the series after just one season, but The WB (then a new network) saved the day by picking it up. At The WB, the show ran for a further four seasons until it closed on the network in 1999.

The couple were in high school for the first five seasons of the show. Houston’s character, Roger, is written off at the end of season 5. Filling this gap, the fifth season introduced two new characters, Tyreke and Jordan. Played by RonReaco Lee and Dean Richmond, they became key members in the sixth and final season, featuring the college duo.

Richmond was famous for his career on it Cosby Show ro Sister, Sister. After Sister, Sister the actor has done some other projects on and off, but he was less active in the acting world. His recent highlights include a 2014 program of Psych and the MTV and short series Bounce, Any relationship. according to Famous Net Worth, its net worth is estimated at $ 1 million.

Houston is perhaps the best known of the three because of its connection to the music world. He was a member of the boy band R&B, Immature. The organization remains active to this day. He has also appeared in several films, including You got service and the television series Cuts. He is also very active as a film producer and has made many films with Chris Stokes. according to Worth Net Celebrity, its net worth is estimated at $ 5 million.

Where does Sister, Sister flow?

The show broadcast frequently on Disney Channel, which had syndice rights to the show for several years. Mowry couple did regular marketing for the series’ Reconstruction at the network, which led more people to believe that Sister, Sister he had a home at Disney as an original series.

The couple also appeared in the Twitches original Disney Channel movie license around the same time Sister, Sister on the network. Seventeen again, a Showtime movie starring the couple and their Tahj brother, also networked at one point. But since it’s not the original Disney Channel series, the show isn’t on Disney +.

The show may not be on Disney +, but due to a landmark licensing deal, it’s on Netflix alongside several classic Black partners. So every time you want to take a trip back in time to the ’90s, you can explore Sister, SIster on Netflix.