‘Love on the Spectrum’: Some Fans Criticized the Show for ‘Patronizing’ Toward People with Autism


You have to give Netflix props for even trying to show such a ripe reality show for controversy Love the Spectrum.

If you’re not familiar with this one, a favorite pandemic fan featuring autistic people – on the spectrum – is singles looking for love in a five-part series.

And while most of the responses to this Australian show are overwhelmingly optimistic, there is a fair amount of criticism as well – but it may not be what you expected.

What exactly is an autism spectrum?

Individuals on the autism spectrum range from severely challenged neurologically to successful, highly active individuals who do not have easily recognizable symptoms of autism.

If you have ever watched the ABC series The Good Doctor, that was a pretty good representation of a highly functional person who was on the spectrum.

Some of my favorite TV characters were on the spectrum

Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang theory hands are the most famous TV character on the spectrum. While the show never confirmed that Sheldon was on the spectrum, the character was a checklist of spectrum signals – his ability to empathize was a particularly painful point among the show’s fans.

Another fan favorite, Dr. Temperance Brennan from Bones character representation was more nuanced. Again, Asperger – the diagnosis for being at the lower end of the spectrum in the early 2000s – was never mentioned.

A truly illustrious romance

Comedian Amy Schumer told the world that her husband, Chris Fischer, was diagnosed with autism spectrum shortly after their 2018 marriage.

Some fans thought it was a public division that was disrespectful to his privacy, but she spoke of the judgment in a positive way and said that raising awareness was the best thing she could do for the man. her and her fans.

Does ‘Love on the Spectrum’ support people on the spectrum?

Many writers in the spectrum community feel that the show is really supportive of the participants, according to Spectrum News. The criticism goes from small issues with production – that the music is “infantilizing” and reminds us of kittens and children rather than adults carrying adult romances – to real problems that the team doesn’t treat the projector as responsible adults.

One couple, Jimmy and Sharnae, decided to move in together. Staff asked if they had “suppressed their relationship. ”

It is fair to say that everyone, whether on the spectrum or not, found that to be a very uncomfortable time in the history of TV.

Writer Sarah Kurchak added Time that some of the paintings on display – lame clothing, interesting hobbies and interests, and that awful music – are supportive, and that they are not true examples of neuro – agricultural life.

She is on the spectrum herself and overall believes the show was a strong step towards defining life on the autism spectrum. She also found the team to be too white and straightforward, but admitted that was a problem with TV in general.