‘The Boys’ Showrunner Eric Kripke on the 1 Actor He Wants (but Can’t Get) for Season 3


Amazon Prime Video on all programs of The Boys Season 2. For those who can’t get enough of the highly acclaimed series, there’s good news: season 3 is coming. While filming hasn’t started, creator Eric Kripke has revealed a few of his futures, including his dream guest star.

Eric Kripke series ‘The Boys’ on Amazon

Eric Kripke will attend Premiere Drive-In & Fan Screening Season 2 at Amazon Prime Video on September 4, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.
Eric Kripke will attend Premiere Drive-In & Fan Screening Season 2 at Prime Video on September 4, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. | Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Amazon Studios

Kripke is famous for several popular TV series. He created Supernatural, the long – running CW staple. After being a performer for five seasons, he left the series in 2010. Kripke then created Revolution, a NBC sci – fi drama run for two seasons, and then Without time, which also lasts two seasons on the network.

Kripke’s latest show is The Boys, based on the comic book series of the same name. The Boys taking a moving angle on the superhero genre, as the “supes” are celebrities employed by the corporal, while the titular Boys are an independent group working to dispel them and the world to keep safe.

What is published about Season 3

Ged The Boys Season 2 ended in October 2020, Kripke is already talking about season 3. The show was updated in July, and they have already written a lot of it. In a series of Twitter videos, the presenter answered fan questions about what’s to come for the series.

“Season 3 is going to be so deceptive,” Kripke said Twitter. “Even in the first program. The first 10 minutes of that show, there’s a series I won’t give up. ” He continued, “It’s as good as bananas. But we’re also going to go deeper into characters and keep exploring… but f * ck man, crazy sh * t is coming. ”

Kripke wants to reunite 2 ‘Supernatural’ stars

The team is joined by Jensen Ackles, who represents Soldier Boy. Ackles and Kripke go back, as did the previous stars Supernatural. And the showrunner on his bucket list said that when it comes to season 3 guest stars are a different actor from the famous CW series: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who he considers “a big fan of the show . ”

“I would love to have him and Jensen in the same season,” Kripke continued Twitter. “COVID proves that very well though as it is consistent on another show, the walking Dead. And quarantine is two weeks in Canada [where The Boys films]. So for him to hang out for two weeks just to shoot a day or two of The Boys it may not be possible in this environment. “

How many seasons of ‘The Boys’ should fans expect?

Season 1 of the boys
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With support behind it The Boys at an all-time high, Kripke expressed confidence in the show’s future. Of course, although he has several seasons planned, his previous experience with the long run Supernatural taught him not to make any promises.

“It’s a rough idea in my head for five seasons in all,” Kripke said Twitter. “But I also know better than to say how many seasons a show will have. Since I have the last show, Supernatural, I said five seasons for sure. And then that f * cker disappeared [for] 15 [seasons]. So I’m usually going to keep my mouth shut. But creatively five feels like a good round number. ”