‘Supernatural’ Season 15: What Did Jack Wish For? Some Fans are Concerned


Supernaturalwhen he returned on October 8 the Winchesters found where they were respected and nourished. In the hands of a wooden nymph Mrs. Butters, Sam, Dean, and bonus brother Jack were able to experience home-cooked food, clean laundry, and special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

Although she came close to killing all three of them, her judgment was getting better and eventually her warm features were rubbed on the boys.

At the end of the night, Dean brought Jack a birthday cake home and the two brothers encouraged him to blow out the candle. He closed his eyes and made a vague wish, but what was it?

Alexander Calvert of 'Supernatural'
Alexander Calvert of ‘Supernatural’ Emma MacIntyre / Getty Images

Jack’s story about selfishness

Take a step back to season 14 for a minute when Jack tried to deal with what happened after there was no soul and being locked in a Ma’lak box. He broke out, tasted Cass and the Winchesters with his power, and escaped.

In episode 20 of that season, Jack, overcoming the non-stop voices in and around, gave one simple command: “Stop lying! ”And with that, all lying in the world stopped.

That single act caused a memorable ruckus in a software company and at the White House where the president admitted to making a deal with a demon named Crowley. To warn of the chaos caused by Jack’s order, Chuck / God looked up. It’s been a while since the Winchesters saw it.

Fans may remember that this is where Chuck admitted he didn’t know the extent of Jack’s powers and offered that magic gun to Sam and Dean to kill the Nephilim. It was only when the audience learned that Chuck was afraid of Jack.

About Jack’s birthday wish

Dean slipped the cake in front of Jack with the lit candle and Sam said, “Make a wish,” and then sign eerie music for Supernatural kick in. Could he be foreshadowing? In those seconds, Jack thought for a moment, closed his eyes, and blew out the candle.

He craved something out of his powerful subconscious, and with his conversations in episode 14, there are a number of great things that might come to mind.

One is his mother, Kelly. He spoke to Mrs Butters about family and second chances. However, Jack was also involved with Sam about not feeling strong enough to defeat God and save the world. Maybe he wanted to make an ability – or a tool to help him.

Experiencing Jack’s innocent situation, he may have wanted something intact on his surface but there may be incomprehensible consequences.

Some fans are worried about Jack’s desire

A quick birthday wish is harmless on its own, but for Nephilim, what does it mean? Some fans think Jack’s application may serve as a home lantern for Chuck.

Billie warned everyone not to use his powers for fear of distracting God, and a few followers. Reddit expressed that the desire could go back.

One commented, “I remember Chuck talking about how he heard everyone’s prayers, and I wondered if desires worked the same way.” Others came in and said, “It can’t be good.” It is inevitable that Chuck weeps somewhere waiting to square against the Winchesters and their secret weapons.

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