’90 Day Fiancé’ Fans Are Sick of ‘The Family Chantel’


Fian 90 days fans have plenty of stuff to get involved with when it comes to TLC franchise. Sometimes, couples or special people get their own spinoffs. Darcey Silva recently got a boyfriend with her twin, Stacey Silva. The Elements of the Family another example, running from 2019. However, there are fans of Fian 90 days just don’t be interested in Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s drama anymore. In fact, they are feeling tired.

‘The Family Chantel’ returns

Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett of 90 day Fiancé and The Chantel Family
Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett à Fian 90 days and The Elements of the Family | TLC / YouTube

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The Elements of the Family is a Fian 90 days spinoff by Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, who starred in Season 4 of Fian 90 days. The two met while Chantel was looking for someone to help her improve her Spanish. Jimeno was looking for someone to help with his English, and the rest of history.

However, things were not that easy. The Chantel family had doubts about Pedro and his intentions. He famously suggested that he and his family are trying to “earn the American dollar. ”

At the time, fans got a kick out of the modern drama, which changed itself once again The Elements of the Family. Now, the spinoff is back with its second season. The latest installment shifts the focus to the Pedro and Chantel sisters.

Chantel’s older brother, Royal, joins the family after he marries his new wife Angenette, whom he met online. Pedro’s sister, Nicole, also gets a little more attention.

Nicole has a new man in her life

Chantel Everett 's brother, Royal, is of The Chantel Family
Chantel Everett ‘s brother, Royal, is from The Elements of the Family | TLC / YouTube

For Chantel and her family, Pedro’s sister, Nicole, has always been a painful place. Nicole has never seen eye-to-eye with Chantel, and has caused a lot of freezing and drama. Now, Nicole has a new guy who seems to come up with some secrets.

“I’m in love. His name is Alejandro. And honestly, I’m absolutely in love. Now you’re going to understand,” Nicole told her friend. in a hard eye, showing a picture of her.

“I can start by telling you that he was the most amazing man I have ever met. He is also a Dominican, and lives in New York. So we met a lot, many years ago at a party, ”Nicole explained.

“I’ve always seen him on Instagram. And he sent me a message. And the first thing he asked me was, ‘When are you coming to visit? ‘”

Nicole then went on to say that there is something mysterious about Alejandro that she is not so happy to share with her family. It hasn’t expanded, so the audience has to wait to see – if they have the patience.

’90 Day Fiancé ‘fans seem unconcerned

Despite the establishment for some key The Elements of the Family drama, fans Fian 90 days just aren’t interested in the show. In fact, they seem ready to give up completely.

“I don’t look. They are all just awful. I don’t really care about Pedro. That’s about it, ”wrote one user briefly Reddit.

“There is nothing interesting or appealing about this family. They’re trying to WAY too hard, ”said another starter.

Another user just felt that the drama and nonstop fighting were not worth the pressure it put on viewers.

“We had to start jumping through it all Fian 90 days scenes with the Chantel and Pedro family, I couldn’t include LOL anymore. I have no idea how TLC would think anyone would want to deal with this kind of headache, ”they wrote.