‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’ Horror Movie Review: Weird Science [Screamfest]


The immortal brain either as a remake of a 1962 film of the same title and introduction, or a spoof of it. Or, maybe both. Like an awesome ’60s black and white film, the tone of 2020 Brain there is melodramatic in communication and performance. It’s in color, but the music feels like it could literally be a score to a film in 1962. It’s just the bloodshed that reveals an absurdly graphic gore that film wouldn’t let too MPAA rating system ever.

The plot of ‘The Brain That Would Not Die’ as it were

The title is very self – explanatory, but there ‘s a plot, it seems. Bill (Patrick D. Green) is a surgeon who advocates neutral methods to save patients. When his girlfriend, Jan (Rachael Perrell Fosket) is put off in a car accident, Bill is able to keep his head and brain alive.

Awesome film Brain that would not die
Rachael Perrell Fosket | Screamfest

Screamfest allows all sorts of horror in its program and The immortal brain certainly an awful comedy. There is probably nothing that would scare the 2020 audience, unless the monsters of the 60s still scare you. That’s just as valid as a horror movie and if it’s the gore comedy you’re looking for, look for it The immortal brain after Screamfest.