Leonardo DiCaprio Was Directed by Both Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg in One ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Scene — ‘It Was Like a Double Whammy’


Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to working with great leaders. With a film that contains films like Titanicand First, he is clearly doing well with them. But even an actor as talented as DiCaprio rarely needs to be guided by two skilled directors at the same time.

However, that was exactly what DiCaprio had to do while filming Wall Street wolf. According to him, it was directed by both Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg while shooting at his legendary speech scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio works with full-time directors

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio attends the 2014 Variety Screening Series of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ | Angela Weiss / Getty Images

Being one of Hollywood’s most popular actors means that DiCaprio gets to work with the best directors around. Oftentimes, he gets the first trust in roles in most films, so it’s only natural that he’s worked with top directors.

Throughout the course of his career, DiCaprio has worked with heavyweight influences that include James Cameron, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan,

DiCaprio had already worked with Scorsese and Spielberg Wall Street wolf. He had worked on several Scorsese films including Gone, Shutter Island, and The Aviator, among others. It was directed by Spielberg while filming Catch me if you can, so he was certainly familiar with the styles of both directors.

Steven Spielberg came to the set of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and helped out

Managing a whole film can be challenging, and everyone – even juggernaut film directors like Scorsese – needs help sometimes. But apparently, when Scorsese needs help, he calls in the cannons.

When Martin Scorsese made a film Wall Street wolf, Spielberg stopped by the set to help. Spielberg showed up while filming DiCaprio’s iconic speech scene, and didn’t bother to take notes. Scorsese described the experience in an interview with Hollywood Reporter.

“Well he came on set, the day we were shooting the speeches,” Scorsese said. “So he was there, he came in and said ‘hello,’ and he stayed all day, and he was helping us, ‘I think we should move them—”.

It’s hard to imagine you having to be involved while being guided by two of the most successful directors ever, but DiCaprio did it.

Leonardo DiCaprio felt the pressure to perform for both directors

DiCaprio was not ashamed to explain how difficult it was to work in front of superstitious leaders. He recalled feeling stressed performing in front of the two legendary filmmakers.

“It was like a double whammy for everyone on set,” DiCaprio said. “Everyone who had to work that day was like‘ Oh, Jesus Christ, Spielberg and Scorsese look at me? Christ. ‘”

Jonah Hill also shook in about the intensity of the experience, laughing about how unrealistic things felt.

“If all this wasn’t amazing when you went back for notes and they were sitting next to each other, it was crazy, yes,” said Hill.

Even though he had to work through a lot, DiCaprio put in a great show Wall Street wolf. The film was a huge success, earning $ 392 million at the box office, according to Mojo Box Office.