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‘Counting On’ Fans Think Joy-Anna Duggar’s Husband, Austin Forsyth, Is Reckless With Their Son After Recent Photo


Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth recently welcomed a young girl into the family. And the Counting on the couple is more excited than ever to see how their son, Gideon, is behaving like a big brother.

Recently, the whole happy family came together for a photoshoot. But fans sensed their worries when Austin’s photo showed Gideon throwing very high into the air just for a neat picture. This is what everyone is talking about.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth recently posted new photos of their family

Joy-Anna and Austin are excited to share new photos of their daughter, Evelyn Mae. While the couple may still be filming with TLC, they have created their own YouTube channel to keep fans informed. So far, they’ve revealed everything from announcing Joy-Anna’s pregnancy to a doctor’s visit and, finally, to a hospital birth. Now, the couple is sharing admirable photos to Instagram.

“I love my little family,” Austin wrote the series of photos he submitted Instagram on Oct. 10. The first photo in the series shows Joy-Anna holding Evelyn in her arms while Austin sits behind Joy-Anna with Gideon beside her. And the second photo shows Austin throwing Gideon high into the air while Joy-Anna stands and looks to the side.

It appears that Joy-Anna chose various pictures from the hunt to appear on her Instagram. “I like pictures,” she wrote.
“They help me remember what life was like and reminds me to enjoy every minute because time passes too quickly. I really LOVE these pictures and how they captured our people! ”

Fans and critics are worried about how high Austin was throwing his son, Gideon

Gideon is clearly right from the photoshoot – but many are worried about the second photo in Austin ‘s post, as it shows him launching Gideon several feet above his head to high heights. could be dangerous.

“Wow, that’s high,” said one fan. “Don’t do that. Please.”

“I like your boys and your little family, but please, be careful with that throwing,” wrote another. “Sadly, the family lost their daughter when that went wrong … and I worry too much now. ”

“I’m usually not Karen and that’s not the kind of person but it’s really dangerous and a lot of photographers refuse to take pictures like that because of the risk,” said one person. another follow.

Many others stood for Austin and Joy-Anna, however.

“I knew as soon as I saw that pic that the comments about it being ‘too loud’ would start, ‘” he added. “I look great and your children look so happy! Great family photos !!! ”

This is far from the first time Joy-Anna and Austin got the case for their parenting

We think Joy-Anna and Austin have become accustomed to looking back at this point. Because they are fully showcasing their lives for their fans and fans, they can’t please everyone. And this is far from the first time the couple was called for their parenting preferences related to their son, Gideon.

In the past, Joy-Anna and Austin have been criticized for allowing Gideon to drink coffee and get close to power tools. While the couple have reunited with anxious fans in the past, we’re not sure they’ll be hosting the negativity now, although Joy-Anna has a sweet approach for her fans. follow up when they are upset. She recently thanked a fan for their “anxiety” after they thought she was going to release Evelyn.

Overall, Gideon seems to have turned out okay from the photoshoot – and the Forsyths aren’t changing their ways yet.

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