‘Big Brother 22’: Fans Think a Showmance Is Brewing Between Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott


[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Even though Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott were in enthusiastic relationships before they appeared Big Brother 22, a number of fans are convinced the two could have fallen for each other in the house.

Houseguest Christmas Abbott to compete this season of Big Brother
Houseguest Christmas Abbott to compete this season of Big Brother | Sonja Flemming

Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott worked together in ‘Big Brother 22’

During the first week of Big Brother 22, Memphis Garrett personally joined Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Tyler Crispen, Dani Briones, and Christmas Abbott to join “The Committee. ”

The alliance went on to take control of the season, taking home all but one of the Heads of House titles, enabling them to take control of every vote. They had to turn around when it came to the last nine as they had to compete in the historic triple clearance.

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Even though Nicole finished on the block twice, Dani was the first to be injured as they saw him as the biggest threat moving forward.

Memphis and Christmas ended on the block together

Christmas and Tyler’s close friends tried to turn the vote around and send Nicole home, but Enzo Palumbo turned on them, leveling the two to the bottom. So HOH named outgoing Cody for their eviction, but Tyler, the stronger physical competitor, approached the jury.

After his eviction, Nicole became the next HOH and put close friends of Memphis and Christmas on the block. The former champ, Cody, and Enzo are the last three, and she wants to get rid of Memphis, someone she thinks could possibly defeat them eventually. However, it is in two versions of Enzo’s “The Wise Guys” alliance, one with Cody and the other with Christmas, giving him a false sense of security.

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Even though Memphis and Christmas have been working closely together throughout the season, fans have started to feel something that could go between the two as they have more time spent. spend with fewer people in the house.

Fans believe a party is breaking between Memphis and Christmas

Before Tyler was evicted, householders hung out in the HOH room in the dark after drinking alcohol. Christmas sat on the recliner’s arm as Memphis sat in the chair and put his arm behind her.

She is then apparently he fell on his lap before getting up quickly and walking around the room. While many fans believe Memphis pulled Christmas off, it’s hard to see as her tutu blocks her arm.

A few days later, Christmas seemed to shake something into Memphis’ ear behind a bed sheet. Fans have no way of telling, but several live hosts are convinced they are both of course sharing a kiss.

After the discussion clip made its rounds on Twitter, a fan dug a pre-season interview in which Memphis talked about showmanship.

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The BB10 The runner admitted that two women may already be on his mind and explained that it is about “being involved with a beautiful woman who will keep me alive” because it is “about the pillow conversation. ”

Memphis went on to name Christmas and said “maybe he’s someone I can talk to anyway” if she moves into the BBC house.

While Christmas and Memphis have been good friends and acquaintances all season, fans think they may have a romantic connection as well. However, the two of them are in committed relationships outside the home. Big Brother 22: All-Stars air Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 8 / 7c on CBS.

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