‘Twilight’: Taylor Lautner Practiced This ‘New Moon’ Stunt Every Weekend for Three Hours


Although Taylor Lautner played a part in all five Evening movies, New Moon marking the first time his character, Jacob Black, was front and center. After the vampire, Edward Cullen, breaks things with Bella Swan and leaves her heart broken, it is Jacob who helps bring her back to life. Jacob lends Bella an easy nature and warmth and together, they become close friends. But Jacob’s relationship with Bella isn’t the only thing moving in New Moon.

Taylor Lautner, star of the Twilight films
Taylor Lautner | Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Fans an Evening movies will remember that New Moon also when Lautner ‘s character first changes into a bewolf. Physically Jacob grows into a full grown adult and grows taller and stronger. To keep true to Jacob’s character development, Lautner adopted a strict diet and exercise plan for packing on muscle. But Lautner wasn’t just training to put pressure on him, he spent a lot of time training to do stunts in the movies.

Taylor Lautner made his own actors for ‘New Moon’

New Moonin particular, Latuner had to perform a number of stunts. From riding a motorcycle, to climbing up the side of a building, to a ton of running, Lautner’s character does a lot of physical work. Fortunately, Lautner had an athletic background and had taken up martial arts in his youth. However, the stunt work required the Evening star to submit a ton of extra work. In an interview with Collider, the actor found candid about what it was like to do such a complicated stunt job.

“The physical side was fun,” Lautner said of filming action scenes there Afternoon: New Moon. “Some of it was challenging. I have never ridden a dirt bike before and yes, I rode the dirt bike for a total of five seconds in the movie. But for those five seconds, I had to look as cool as possible. So a lot of practice was needed just for safety, to let me do it. “

The ‘Twilight’ star reflects on one of his most challenging film actors

But there was one particular stunt that was even more challenging than riding a dirt bike. Fans an Evening Movies are known to be one of Jacob’s coldest stunts when he runs up the side of Bella’s house and walks himself through her bedroom window in the middle of the night. Many fans have speculated that Lautner had a double stunt to perform such a difficult stunt. But Lautner showed, while he took real practice, that stunt is real.

“And the wire works, like when I run up the side of her house and that whole thing,” he said Evening a star began. “The wires were there just if I slipped and fell I wasn’t planting in the ground. But it was definitely challenging, that stunt was very complicated and you have to keep going. I use it as a small plug in the side of the wall just to remove it and jump until it gets really complicated. And it required a lot of practice. Every weekend I used that stunt for three hours a day and that was the last thing we filmed. ”

Lautner’s wall stunt still impresses ‘Twilight’ fans

Clearly, Lautner ‘s hard work paid off. That stunt remains one of his most memorable performers from Evening movies. We’re sure his fans are dropping by to see if he’ll return to the big screen and replace them with more complex stunt work in the future.