People Are Actually Standing Up for Kanye West Amidst His Recording Contract Controversy


These days, recording artist Kanye West is as famous for his Twitter rants as he is for his musical talent. Fans and critics alike have been concerned about his mental health for years now, especially when he used Twitter to do things like announcing that he ran for presidency earlier this -year. West recently got a name in the headlines again for another weird program of Twitter behavior, but this time around, a lot of people agree with what he’s upset about.

Kanye West smiling on stage
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A recap of Kanye West’s career

West began making music when he was just a little boy, but got his first big break in the 1990s when he wrote music for famous artists such as Ludacris and Jay-Z. In the 2000s, West decided he wanted to be his own attention and released his first studio album, The college dropout. West’s solo music course was an immediate success, with that first album featuring famous singles like ‘All Falls Down’. Since then, it has been recorded hit after hit; songs like ‘Gold Digger’ are loved by people who are not even hip hop fans.

In recent years, however, West found himself even more in the public eye when he married reality TV star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian West. This coincided with a decline in West’s overall mental well-being; he was always known for having a narcissistic streak, but his behavior started to look more and more erroneous. He is famous for making a name for himself on Twitter by going on religious rants that make no sense.

West’s recent registration contract scandal on Twitter

West recently took to Twitter to broadcast his complaints about the music industry, tweeting more than 100 times within an hour on Sept. 16. He made headlines when he tweeted himself urging one of his many Grammy awards, apparently for making a statement. The video was accompanied by the words, “Trust me…. I WONT [sic] STOP ”. Even his famous wife is said to be at the end of her witchcraft with West’s strange behavior.

The other West Tweeted is photos of his previous recording contracts. “90% of the highest contracts on the planet are still royalty,” West said of the photos. He continued: “A standard registration contract is a non-refundable contract, and these hidden costs are the ‘distribution fees’ that many labels put in their contracts to make even more take money off our work without even trying. ” This sounds like a legitimate complaint, but it was surrounded by Bible verses and other weird Tweets, which many fans didn’t know what to do with it all.

People are standing up for West’s fight for Black property in music

While some of his Tweets were a bit strange, what West is fighting for is more Black ownership in music. “We sat back and watched Nick Cannon take off and we’re going to play ball in a bubble with an important black life on our backs … brothers let’s stand together for real… no NBA or business music exists without blacks… fair contracts are important… property. matters, ”read one of his many Tweets, according to TMZ. We all want that!

People stand up for West and his fight for Black possession in music. Some people have recently accepted it Reddit to protect the legendary musician: “It’s about taking away the power of the old white men who use young and broken artists to make themselves richer. That’s exactly what is happening in the rest of the US across almost every region, ”the man wrote. They continued: “This is one of the only artists in the game who has the ability to stand up and not be punished for having assets outside of music. This should be part of the current conversation as it keeps (largely) black artists and athletes under the thumb of their businesses. ”

When you look at it that way, West tweets become a lot more powerful!