‘Dawson’s Creek’: Mary Beth Peil Wasn’t Nearly As Old As Grams


In 1998 the famous television series Dawson’s Creek officially published. The show was centered around a close-knit group of teenagers living in a small coastal town called Capeside. The series captured the lives of Joey Potter, Pacey Witter, and Dawson Leary and their group of friends as they tried their best to navigate high school and young adult life. The times showed the complexity of not only getting through high school but preparing to leave as well.

James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, and Busy Phillips are just among the beloved actors cast in the award-winning show. Unfortunately the strong show ended in 2003. However, even when it left the air, the series continued to come up in conversation. From some of the most iconic television scenes to fun facts about the show, there is still a lot to say when it comes to Dawson’s Creek. Fans might be surprised to know that one of the actors was much younger than her character.

Mary Beth Peil smiles
Mary Beth Peil | Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Who played Mary Beth Peil on the famous drama series ‘Dawson’s Creek’?

Mary Beth Peil was introduced Dawson’s Creek as the beloved and classic Grams character. Dawson Leary knew Grams at first as just his neighbor, but that changed when Grams’ grandson Jen Lindley arrived in town. Grams found herself building Jen, and Dawson and his crew found themselves with a new friend. Although initially not a smooth sailing, or almost never, Grams was always there to offer grandmother’s help and advice. Once she was a nurse and a wife, the grammars who are now in the career of a widow came and found herself starting as well. Her character was very popular among WB series fans and viewers. Many people still shout out the classic character today.

What would surprise some fans and viewers to learn about Mary Beth Football and her character on the show ‘Dawson’s Creek’?

Although Football’s “real name” on the show is Evelyn Ryan, most of the characters and the team referred to her as “Grams.” This was largely because this was what Jen’s character was familiar to her grandmother, but it was also like a nod to her grandparents like a grandparent she was famous in town. Not to mention her wardrobe that was a testament to her personality and her fictional year of birth. When the series finally came to an end, there were creators, cast, writers and producers Dawson’s Creek some interesting information emerged regarding Grams.

Although no specific numbers were divided, show staff revealed that Football was much younger than her character. Many thought this was ironic because so many of the founding members were much older than the teenage roles they took on. As for the Grams, the opposite was true. Although we do not know exactly how old Grams is, based on her story and appearance it is safe to say that she was supposed to look like over 70. When Dawson’s Creek initially, Football would only be about 58 years old. However, with the help of a maker and a wardrobe, they were able to make Football look like part of a legitimate grandmother, according to Buzzfeed.

Mary Beth Football’s role outside ‘Dawson’s Creek’?

Football character included Dawson’s Creek this is perhaps one of her most memorable careers in the acting course. However, viewers and fans of the love series may be aware of her time off from the series. As well as a brief look at it Law & Order, ro Dawson’s Creek, Football’s experiences had all been in the film industry. Jersey girl and Reckless are two films that Peil was filmed in the early 1990s, according to IMDb.

The inconsistency between the age of Football and the age of the fictional Grams Dawson’s Creek becomes even more apparent when you look at the myriad of productions that Peil went on to appear after Dawson’s Creek it came to an end. Football is also famous for its performance in the 2008 film Mirror. She has also appeared in Broadway productions, including Anastasia. Although people might be surprised about the true age of Football while on the run Dawson’s Creek, people do not seem to have surprised her with her talent and skills.