’90 Day Fiancé’ Tell All: Larissa Reveals She Tracked Colt With a GPS and Thinks He Cheated on Her With Vanessa


Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson reiterated their issues at the end of the season 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after Tell all the specials. And while she questioned whether Colt was cheating on Jess Caroline with Vanessa Guerra, Larissa revealed that she found her husband by GPS while they were married.

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Colt and Jess fight over Vanessa on ’90 Days Fiancé: Happily Ever After’

On this season of 90 day testimonial: Never after, Colt and his Brazilian girlfriend, Jess, were fighting again over Vanessa Guerra. After seeing several calls from her on Colt’s phone, Jess began to become suspicious of their relationship.

But Colt insisted that he and Vanessa were just friends. However, in a mid – season confession, Colt admitted that he had an affair with Vanessa and that he was only dating Jess because Vanessa did not want to come to him.

“I had sex with her, just once,” Colt said of Vanessa. “And honestly, I’m pushing for it. I think she is a very good girl. But I don’t think she’ll return the favor, so I moved on. ”

Jess and Larissa meet ‘Fiancé’s 90 Days: Happily Ever After’

Before the end of the season, Jess found out that Colt was living with Vanessa. She came to Las Vegas to confront him about his lies – which also led him to talk to several other women – and they eventually dug him up.

Then Jess reached out to Larissa and she asked her to meet. The two Brazilian reality stars spoke about their failed relationships with Colt. But when Jess mentioned Colt’s connection to Vanessa, Larissa immediately remembered something that had happened while she was married.

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“Vanessa is the woman who is buying Groupon for Colt,” Larissa said. “She bought Groupon [which] He said, ‘Merry Christmas, I thought he could rest.’ ”

“I will refer to Colt as a player,” she said then with a confession. “I saw that a woman named Vanessa bought him a Groupon. So maybe [sic] Vanessa has been with Colt since we were married. ”

Larissa reveals that she found Colt with GPS

During the 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after Tell everyone, Larissa revealed why she suspected Colt was cheating on her with Vanessa. Towards the end of their marriage, she said she put him in charge and said he confirmed he was telling lies about where he was going.

“I want something that no one knows,” Larissa said. “When we were married, I put a GPS in his phone, and he starts lying to me, like, ‘Oh, I’m in the meeting. ‘He was not at the meeting. It was in the place called ‘Rise’ or something. So it was in Bank of America. He was walking around. He starts to lie to me. ”

Larissa went on to claim that Colt was arrested for trying to appeal to Vanessa. “The night I was arrested, how did it happen?” she explained. “I found a text from someone on his phone, that I actually believe it was Vanessa, saying, ‘I’m done. I’m tired of waiting. ‘ ”

But after admitting to cheating on Jess with Vanessa, Colt denied that he cheated on Larissa. “At worst, I had an emotional relationship with Vanessa, and I’m sorry I did,” he said.

“But unfortunately, when I was married to Larissa, near the end, it was horrible,” Colt continued. “It was the worst time of my life, and Vanessa was the only one who even talked to me and was just a friend. I took that, and I think I was developing feelings for her. ”

Larissa didn’t buy Colt’s rejection completely. And as can be seen by her social media, she still keeps animating it.