‘The Office’ Alum Mindy Kaling On Her Scriptwriting Gig for ‘Legally Blonde 3’ Starring Reese Witherspoon


Mindy Kaling is on board to write the much-anticipated comedy, Legally blonde 3, by Reese Witherspoon. She stopped passing America Good morning via video chat and revealed how she got the famous gig.

‘Legally Blonde’ is a well-known film franchise

Almost two decades after the original film hit theaters, Legal warm 3 is in the works. And giddy movie buffs are fun – and with good reason.

Witherspoon was at the head of the 2001 romantic comedy, Legal warm. In the film, she portrays Elle Woods, an elegant sorority girl with a penchant for pink dumped by her boyfriend, Warner, for a more sensible companion. In a subtle plan to prove her worth, she applies – and gets admitted – to Harvard Law School where her grandfather is matriculating. “What? Is it sad?” Elle moved to Warner.

Legal warm resonated with fans and critics alike. Forward Tomatoes Rotten, the film boasts both an advanced Audience Score and a Fresh Rating on the Tomatometer. As well as the warm reception from filmmakers and pundits, Legal warm it was commercially successful. according to Mojo Box Office, the film earned more than $ 141 million on a budget of just $ 18 million. He also seeded sequences, Legally blonde 2, released in 2003, and Broadway Musical.

Now, the Legal warm the series continues with Witherspoon recounting her role as Elle and Kaling in a critical behind-the-scenes role.

Reese Witherspoon caught Mindy Kaling to co-write the third film

    Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling
Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling | Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for ELLE

Kaling told the America Good morning team about the relationship she built Witherspoon long before she became addicted to co-writing Legal warm 3. Fans may remember the creative collaborators appearing on the big screen Wrinkle in time.

“I was working with him [Reese Witherspoon] on a film or two, and we’ve been friends for a while, ”said Kaling. “And I always named the films with her. I was that weird friend who would be like a ‘bend and snap.’ ”

In addition to her duties on camera, Witherspoon will be a representative on the project. Kaling, who co-writes with Dan Goor, admitted he felt a bit nervous before taking up the writing job. But in the end, to the delight of fans, she accepted the challenge. She said America Good morning about this she got involved in the production:

It is over 20 years since she made her film, and [Reese Witherspoon] I asked, you know, ‘I’d like to take another look at this character. ‘And I was embarrassed that the film is so iconic. But then I thought it would be fun to see that character in her 40s now. Like, who is Elle Woods dealing with as a 41-year-old woman? And it’s been really funny … It’s been really funny to write, and I’m working on it with my friend Dan, and I think it’s going to be a great film for Reese, and people are going to see her in this part.

Mindy Kaling on ‘Good Morning America’

About the movie, America Good morning Michael Strahan told Kaling, “We hope you signed up. I think that will make it even better. “

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