‘Seinfeld’: Jerry’s Biggest Issue in the Series Goes Far Beyond This 1 Legendary Episode


Nine seasons of NBC Seinfeld resulting in nine seasons of Jerry Seinfeld’s greatest irritations. Many of these get a full program to explain and analyze the comedian. In one of the more iconic events, Seinfeld has the biggest turn in front and center companions. Ironically, it is a topic that is truly explored throughout the series.

This ‘Seinfeld’ program is a bit ‘weird’

Jerry Seinfeld | NBCU Photo Bank

The “hands hands” program has gone down in history as one of the most memorable. But with Seinfeld ‘s unique taste in the women with whom he set a date, the question of “hands” came up more often than not.

In Season 2, “The Construction Guy” featured a construction worker who sets up Jerry with his sister who has “human hands.” In season 5, Jerry and George go back to women holding “man ‘s hands. “To get out of their relationships, they create a wild situation.

Similarly, season 6 shows George trying to set up Jerry with a coworker.

“She’s amazing, but I have to warn you – she has a man’s hands,” George tells him.

You’d think that’s all the reference but there’s a lot more talk about moving Jerry towards women with larger-than-average hands. Now that he’s known, it’s worth looking for other common themes (idioms) of Jerry following through the years. To show about nothing, there is a lot to think about.