New Second-Time Mom Mindy Kaling Says This Activity Oddly Helps Her Unwind at the End of Her Day


Now that Mindy Kaling has a new baby in her home – she made the news that she gave birth to a boy in September 2020 – the previous one The Office a star going to get a lot more keeps him very busy.

But it’s all good. She has a deceptive way to relax at the end of each long day. It may feel weird, but it worked for her.

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling | ANGELA WEISS / AFP through Getty Images

Mindy Kaling just announced the birth of her son

In October 2020, when she appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Kaling, 41, released the shocking news that she was pregnant during quarantine. And that she was born just the month before, in September 2020.

As Colbert introduced her, he told Kaling, “I rarely get something I don’t get these days, and that’s good news. Anyway, if you hadn’t had a hard time sharing it with our audience, I think they would have been thrilled to discover something amazing that no one knows, so far.

With that guidance, Kaling delightedly said, “Yes! I’m telling him for the first time right now, it feels so weird, but I gave birth to a baby on September 3rd. ”

“This is news to a lot of people, it’s true,” she said.

Preschooler’s comment on the news

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The I never was Spencer is the name of the son of the action producer and, as Kaling told Colbert, her daughter Katherine was “very ambitious, at first, to be generous. She was very worried about her toys. “

However, Kaling said, her daughter is “a huge fan, now that she has met him.”

She was able to keep the pregnancy a secret, she explained, thanks to the pandemic and quarantine that everyone has been holding.

“No one saw me! There was so much heartbreak in the world that it felt weird to go out of my way to light up some great health information, ”Kaling told a late-night guest .

Kaling shared her weight loss activity in her new Amazon Original essay collection

Kaling has been a lot going on lately. Not only a new baby, but also a series of new essays published by Amazon Original Stories called Nothing is as I thought.

In her article titled “Big Shot,” Kaling talks about a hobby she enjoys taking the edge off after the end of a long day. Now with a new baby, she seems to be getting involved even more than usual.

“At the end of my day, around midnight or so, I discovered that my favorite way is to empty a gift,” she writes.

“Distributing gifts was always easy for me,” she continued. “I’m not sure why. I’m a bit of a high-strung guy, and I think it just takes the edge off my day, plus it allows me to exercise a little visual creativity with almost no at all do. No one has ever gone mad about a badly folded gift. ”