Mike Tyson Almost Got an Even Crazier Tattoo on His Face — Thankfully He Didn’t


Even though a lot of people think Mike Tyson’s face tattoo is a little weird, it could be even crazier.

Years ago, the old camp was overweight and Hangover a dead movie star had been getting a completely different tattoo on his face, one he would no doubt doubt.

Mike Tyson first wanted a heart tattoo on his face

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson at the Synergy Global Forum Valery SharifulinTASS tro Getty Images)

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Many people have asked why Tyson decided to get the heavy tattoo on his face, but his answer is very simple. Quite simply, he really liked the way he looked, according to an interview with Graham Bensinger.

“I just thought it was a cool tattoo,” Tyson said. “I was getting a handful of hearts and stuff and being like, [unintelligable] that would have been very silly. ”

“What did you get?” Bensinger asks.

“Some hearts and hearts,” Tyson says again. “I was a man of hearts, child.”

When asked how close he came to getting the original tattoo, he revealed that the artist refused to do a tattoo for him.

“Very close,” said Tyson. “The tattoo artist said ‘I don’t do it’… He said ‘that’s not a tattoo for me, I can’t do that. ‘”

The tattoo artist gave him the idea for his custom face tattoo

Although the tattoo artist would not give him that particular tattoo, he decided that Tyson would get a better one. So he told Tyson to wait a few days for him to get something better.

“I said ‘what do you think I should get,’ because I was upset,” Tyson said. “He said‘ well, just, you come back in a day or two, I try to write stuff in a week, you don’t get a tattoo, just come back in a couple, like a week. So I stayed around, and then he called as two, three days later and said ‘Mike, look at this, I got some tribal stuff,’ and I said ‘woah.’ And there was such a thing, I said ‘put another one over there’, and then he put it like this, ‘yeah, this is cool, this is cool I like it. ‘So he did it. ”

Tyson says women loved his face tattoo

In the same interview, Tyson said he thought the tattoo was “hot.” Even though many people were initially horrified to see Tyson’s face tattoo, Tyson himself says the response from women was overwhelming.

“I thought it was so hot, I thought it was so hot,” Tyson said, smiling. “Listening … I’d be in those caves, and those clubs, and those striped places, sometimes, and all the girls came up to me and said ‘Well, you’re very strange, where do you come from? are you Where is your family from? All those tattoos, it’s exotic. Why did you put it on your face? ‘They say I look like a tribe and someone else.

Tyson also revealed that he ran into a woman on a Las Vegas strip who was actually from the tribe the tattoo represents. According to Tyson, she had a priceless response.

“And then I ran into some of those chicks, which happen to be um, from the Maui tribe,” Tyson said. “They say, ‘hey, my tribe is in front of you. ‘And then the woman just pulls her pants down and shows me this tattoo on her butt. She is on her lap, right on the street. ”