‘Bloody Hell’ Movie Review: Bloody Good Filmmaking [Nighstream]


Bloody hell is a horror movie where you never know where it is going. That makes it hard to write a movie review without spoiling, but hopefully the parts don’t offer anything interesting enough. They are, and they sure will only get crazier from there.

Ben O’Toole finds himself in ‘Bloody Hell’

Rex Coen (Ben O’Toole) waits in a bank to beat a spokesman, Maddy (Ashlee Lollback) when bank robbers enter. We see that Rex destroyed the robbery, but one enemy died until he is given a contract for eight years’ service in prison. When he finds out, still famous for the theft, Rex decides to take a trip to Finland to get away.

Bloody Hell: Ben O'Toole
Beinn O’Toole | Dan Berghofer

You could also fully accept that this is a great visual effects film. O’Toole is in most pictures twice and is seedless. They apparently removed his leg in the mail, but you never notice. It’s all designed to weave into this truly boring time.

Where Bloody hell going in the cool spoiler section too. As for the promised violence, the ending includes a three – minute series of violence, and even that is not what this whole film is about. So hopefully you get a chance to see it after playing the Nighstream Film Festival and then we can talk about the details.