’90 Day Fiancé’: Debbie, Kalani, Angela, Tania, and Elizabeth Discuss Submissive Women, Dominant Men


Of the cultural differences between Fian 90 days newlyweds Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi, the most obvious ones are Angela’s complete rejection of the idea that wives should obey their husbands.

on the 90 day testimonial: Satisfied after Tell-All Part 3, fueled by Shaun Robinson, Angela and Michael’s argument about power differences and gender roles in marriage was heated. Tania Maduro (wife of Syngin Colchester), Debbie Johnson (mother of Colt Johnson), Elizabeth Potthast Castravet (wife of Andrei Castravet), and Kalani Faagata (wife of Asuelu Pulaa) shook in with their thoughts.

Shaun Robinson
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Michael’s aunt wanted Angela to be ‘obedient’ to her husband

On the recent Fian 90 days Tell-All Part 3, an argument began between Michael and Angela about their ongoing fertility issues. At one point, Angela cursed Michael harshly and shouted at him to “shut her mouth.”

But even though Michael turned his back on him, Lydia’s aunt was reluctant to be so hospitable. Michael’s aunt told Angela, “You have to be obedient.”

“We’re from Nigeria,” Lydia reminded Angela. “Our culture is different. You have to respect him. ”

Naturally, Angela did not take the word “submissive” very well, especially as it was such a major topic of controversy in her three-year relationship with Michael. Angela was flown away in response. When she settled down, the Fian 90 days a star argued that her husband should have to accept her view of gender equality and roles in marriage, not the other way around.

“I’m so sick of hearing about everyone’s culture but American culture,” Angela said. “Why doesn’t Michael ask what my father taught my mother?”

Influencing her Fian 90 days castmates to see her opinion, Angela further explained that she had always promised Michael that she would respect his family – but that she would never be obedient, obedient, or obedient.

Tania and Debbie also joined in when the argument went on

Tania also came up with her own ideas about gender equality (or lack thereof) in relationships.

In the home country of her husband Syngin in South Africa, Tania said, “Sex roles are still very prominent. Women live at home. They pick up the children. ” The 30-year-old argued that Syngin was sometimes “struggling” with the idea of ​​being fully engaged in marriage.

“American women are angry,” Syngin agreed, agreeing with his wife’s assessment.

But Aunt Lydia said her beliefs about female involvement did not change. Moreover, Michael’s sister was worried that Angela thought she could treat Michael as a subspecies for her because of their age difference of more than three decades.

“Even if she’s older than Michael, she deserves to be obeyed,” Lydia repeated.

Tania challenged Lydia’s ideas a bit, wondering if that concept went the other way too.

“Should men obey their wives?” an Fian 90 days asked his aunt star sharply.

In response, Lydia explained that only women meant obedience to their husbands. She also said that Angela should not shout or raise her voice to Michael, regardless of their cultural history.

Even Colt’s mother, Debbie, came in to scoff at the idea of ​​a obedient or obedient woman. She argued that if Michael wanted to be the greatest in a relationship, he should not have gone beyond his own cultural context to find a wife – and certainly not Angela , for that matter.

“He came out of that culture by marrying an American,” Debbie said. “As soon as he got out of that culture, he bets. ”

Michael again tried to say that the relationship was “the man”, but Angela stopped him again to say that he was working completely differently around his family. he made around his wife.

“You are two,” she told him. “Around me, you are the Michael I fell in love with. Around your family, you want to be a heavy, alpha, African man. ”