‘Twilight’: Taylor Lautner Says Filming His Imprinting Scene Was ‘Tough’; ‘Are You Kidding Me?’


Fans an Evening horror movies got their lives when Jacob Black starred in Bella Swan and newborn daughter Edward Cullen. For years, Jacob had been a big fan of Bella and after the couple became best friends, the crushing turned into true love. Although Bella loved Jacob, she could not compare with how she felt for Edward. But even realizing that, Jacob was unwilling to let Bella and his feelings for him go unnoticed.

Twilight movie star Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner | Juan Naharro Gimenez / WireImage

Evening fans will remember that even after Bella and Edward got married, Jacob was still getting feelings for the new Mrs. Cullen. This is why he was horrified when he interrupted Bella’s baby Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Of course, viewers were introduced to the concept of printmaking in previous films, but it was still a hard concept for fans to cover their heads. And fans weren’t the only ones struggling.

Taylor Lautner admitted his stunning view was challenging

Taylor Lautner, cast as Jacob Black in the Evening films, it also took time to get around the idea that Jacob had in print. Not only was it challenging for him to understand what Jacob was like, but it was also a difficult thing for him as an actor. Since there was never a visual representation in appearing on screen, Lautner found his intriguing scene very challenging.

In an interview with Collider, Lautner got candid about filming his amazing scene and the challenges that arose. “You have to go,” said the Evening star shared. “That was sad. Because what is printing? What do you look like when you print? I mean, those were all the questions that were going through my head. ”

Lautner chose ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer’s brain about printing

Luckily for Lautner, Stephenie Meyer (author of the “Twilight” books) was ready and able to lift his brain for print details. “Luckily our Stephanie had been on set all along, and trusting me I asked her a million times, ‘Okay, explain to me once again what exactly is printing? and ‘Have you ever wondered what Jacob looks like … what does he do when he appears? Lautner remembered. “It was very upsetting. So there was a lot of discussion about that. ”

But even once Evening a star had a better understanding of what print was, the challenges didn’t stop. Because the Renesmee baby is largely digital, Lautner had no one to print it. Instead, he had to create someone in his imagination. While the scene was particularly difficult to film, in the end, Lautner is pleased with how it turned out.

The ‘Twilight’ star is pleased with how imprinting is portrayed in the films

“And then it didn’t help when we filmed it, they put an X on a wall and they said,‘ This is Renesme. You’re going to walk into the room, you’re going to look at the X and you’re going to print, ‘the Evening shared alum. “And I’m like, ‘Are you calling me?’ It was sad, it was indeed. But now that I’ve seen the final version, I’m really happy with it. It is emotional. They did a really good job of bringing back cool barriers and connecting voice-overs. So it’s a special time, but on the day it was a leap of faith. ”