‘Spider-Man 3’: 1 Marvel Actor Wants To Join the Upcoming MCU Film


Actors an Marvel Cinematic Universe navigate smoothly over individual franchises (and now, with Disney +, TV series, too). However, this can be a little more complicated when it comes to Sony Spider-Man movies. Find out what Marvel actor is waiting for a place to enter Spider-Man 3.

Sony-Marvel has 2 ‘Spider-Man’ movies

Spider-Man seems to be one of the most popular comic book characters ever. Before the MCU came into being, several films were made: Three stars Toby Maguire, and two starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. The character (and those associated with it) is owned by Sony, in a deal with Marvel many years ago.

However, Marvel wanted to successfully introduce Spider-Man to the MCU. To do so, the Disney-owned company had to enter into a contract with Sony. Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland, was introduced to the MCU movie Captain America: Civil War. He then left Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider man: far from home, through Sony.

The third film in this franchise is due out in 2021

New York First Responders' Spiderman: Homecoming Screening
‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ New York First Responder Screening Photos by Jason Kempin / Getty

In major franchises like the MCU, actors usually sign a contract to make multiple films. After settling a dispute between Sony and Marvel over Holland ‘s character living in the MCU, they reached an agreement. The third previously unnamed Spider-Man movie went into pre-production.

Shooting for the film was expected to begin in July 2020, according to the Netherlands. However, he was delayed by coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). A few months later, on 7 October 2020, Rant Screen a filming in nearby New York City while shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, was also reported on the horizon.

Benedict Cumberbatch came in as Doctor Strange

In the latest version of films, Peter Parker joins the Avengers after being hired by Tony Stark (Iron Man). He looks up to him as a mentor, and Robert Downey Jr. appearing in the post in Homecoming. After the character dies in Avengers: Endgame, Tony ‘s friend, Happy Hogan, supports Patrick Far from home.

For the third film, another MCU character is likely to step into those shoes. On October 8, 2020, Hollywood-only Reporter revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Stephen Strange is to appear in the film. Doctor Strange and Peter have previously interacted Avengers: Infinity War, fighting Thanos together.

Vincent D’Onofrio would also like to take part

While the film studios have been working together, Marvel has – until recently – kept their TV and film properties separate. Ged SHIELD Agents (which aired on Disney’s ABC station) featuring MCU actors, the Netflix-Marvel series was nothing more than suggestions of a larger universe, with no character crossovers.

However, one actor would like to change that. When Fandom tweeted, “Which ONE character do you want to be added to ‘Spider-Man 3’?” after the Cumberbatch news broke, Vincent D’Onofrio responded, with his Daredevil the frequent line of the character Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin), “When I was a boy…” In the comics, the character is often against Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 3 filed for press release December 17, 2021.