Kelly Clarkson Receives Her Official Wu-Tang Name from RZA


Up from the 36 rooms! Legends in the rap game, Wu-Tang Clan introduced an audience to Shaolin in the early ’90s.

It was a magical time in hip-hop and when the Staten Island team brought its top nine members into the world, people noticed. And they were led by RZA.

In their 25+ years on the scene, Wu-Tang has touched on music, TV, film, fashion, and even naming traditions. Diehard fans know that the group has creative platform names that reflect who they are artistically and personally, and that has led to fandom. We can all have Wu-Tang nicknames.

RZA (nicknamed Robert F. Diggs) recently appeared in a hip-hop-pop musical version as it just named singer / TV guest Kelly Clarkson with her own funny Wu moniker, and she really entered.

RZA and Kelly Clarkson
RZA Clan Wu-Tang | Lacroix Jean-Baptiste Images / WireImage / Getty; Kelly Clarkson | Jean-Baptiste Lacroix / AFP

RZA appeared on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

The de facto leader of Wu-Tang Clan RZA was a guest on it Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss his new film Cut Throat City, his musical career, and where his name came from.

He talked about being led by Quentin Tarantino for six years, collaborating with Bono U2, and why his mother named Robert Fitzgerald – after the famous Kennedys.

Although he did not explain the meaning of RZA (which comes from the Five Percent Nation system), Bobby Digital, or any of his other hands in this section, RZA once stated Conan O’Brien that his names were all connected to various aspects of his personality.

But he told Clarkson which one he considers most respectable before changing gears.

Kelly Clarkson has a new Wu-Tang name

Ready to throw up a “W”, Clarkson asked RZA to give her the name of the Wu-Tang team. Using the well-known internet name generator, he named it with “Erratic Wizard.”

If you’ve already gotten your own Wu character through the same device, then you understand the meaning of this level and understand that it sounds like some kind of hip-hop chivalry.

Clarkson was thrilled to have won the wizard title and joked that the erratic part is appropriate as well.

Anyone can snatch Wu-Tang’s name online

Thanks to RZA’s The Wu-Tang Handbook published in 2005, fans were admitted to a string of nicknames of every member of the group used on stage and on the streets. The book inspired the generator website name Wu-Tang to appear, giving countless titles to fans all over the world.

In fact, actor Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, found his rapper alias through the site. If you sign up today and click “Enter the Wu-Tang,” Childish Gambino is still the result. No matter how many times you enter your real name into the system, your official Wu-Tang character will be the same.

These days, RZA is busy promoting his film, making music, sharing meditation exercises on Spotify, and preparing for a chess game against his Wu-Tang colleague, GZA.

Fans can check in for a Twitch live stream on October 10 at 4pm EST to catch the two MC / businessmen off the board.