‘Joker’ Producer Wants This Iconic Batman Villain to Get Their Own Spinoff Movie Next


Previously The Dark Knight hit theaters, no one thought Heath Ledger could take the Joker off. Similarly, some fans questioned whether Joaquin Phoenix had an even darker introduction. Joker could deliver. The two men eventually won Oscars for playing Clown Prince of Crime. And in particular, JokerA billion-dollar success could lead to the story of the origin of another Batman villain.

Joaquin Phoenix at the premiere of 'Joker'
Joaquin Phoenix at the premiere of ‘Joker’ | Kevin Winter / Getty images

The success of ‘Joker’ could encourage sequel development

Hollywood tends to follow where the money goes. And with director Todd Phillips’ Joker, a sequel is like an easy win. After all, the film earned more than $ 1 billion worldwide on a reported $ 55 million production budget. And it won mostly strong reviews and good awards, including two Academy Awards. So what’s the catch?

As fans will confirm, Joker unlike any other comic book movie. The film is very grim, offering Batman very little hope as his main character goes mad. Some fans think the story is self-contained and not left untouched. While Phillips and Phoenix could find ways to build on its definitive frontier, Joker 2 it has to offer something new to attract them.

Will Joker Joaquin Phoenix ever go overboard with other DC movies?

At present, it is unclear whether Warner Bros. officially green-green Joker 2 or additional villain originals. But it seems like a quick way to keep Batman ‘s franchise growing without the Caped Crusader himself. So far, Robert Pattinson is set to appear as the character in 2022.

Fans aren’t even sure if Joker Phoenix will ever be connected to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) or the world of Am Batman. At this stage, this does not appear to be the plan. But there is always the opportunity Joker they could be linked to some other DC movies. After all, Am Batman yet to throw Joker himself.