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‘Gilmore Girls’: Is Jess Mariano Rory Gilmore’s Luke Danes?


Gilmore’s daughters fans have spent years debating the benefits of each of Rory Gilmore’s girlfriends. Several fan theories were born from the debate. One theory suggests that Luke Dane ‘s nephew Jess Mariano is entitled to have Rory, what Luke was for Lorelai Gilmore. Even if Jess is just like Luke, does that mean it would be a great romantic place for Rory?

Does Jess Mariano think Rory’s Luke Danes?

The theory seems to make sense. Jess serving as a Luke-type figure would give Rory the full-circle story, something Amy Sherman-Palladino has admitted she struggled with. However, that doesn’t mean Jess and Rory’s story would play out the way Luke and Lorelai’s story played out.

Milo Ventimiglia Jess Mariano watched ‘Gilmore Girls’ | Ron Davis / Getty Images

While fans are largely in favor of Jess and Rory’s idea together, it might not be fair to Jess. Jess turned into a responsible and reasonable adult after a rocky teenager. Rory became a 30-something spoiler, after being portrayed as a responsible and managerial teenager. In the end, Jess and Rory were never on the same page. However, Rory and Logan seem to fit in well, even though they were both cheating on their partners the last time fans saw them.