‘Daredevil’ Actor Charlie Cox Wasn’t Expecting a Stranger to Hit Him on the Street While Preparing for the Role


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is huge, and it expands as more comics get film changes. Marvel Studios is planning for Phase 4, and there is profitability in it Daredevil you will see a resurgence.

Charlie Cox starred in the Netflix series of Daredevil a few years ago, and he has a funny story to tell about his career.

‘Daredevil’ was a famous Netflix series

Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox | Daniel Muños / Getty Images for NETFLIX

Daredevil is a show that is a variation of a series of comics of the same name. It was released on Netflix in 2015 but was canceled in 2018. The show ran for three seasons before being cut short. It won rave reviews, especially after its first season.

The show is about a character named Matt Murdock, who lost his sight as a child. However, his lack of vision became another sensation. Based in New York City, he works as a lawyer by day but is a crime fighter by night. Matt finds a main plot and traverses paths with various lies, such as The Punisher.

Season one is a dark and grim story, enjoyed by critics and listeners alike. The second season is as dark, if not darker, than the first. In Daredevil there are several MCU Easter eggs that were straining a connection with the other films.

Charlie Cox as Daredevil

Cox portrayed the main character Matt Murdock, or Daredevil, in the show. He played as a vigilante with gray lords. What was unique about his role is that the character was not as strong as other superheroes in the MCU. He was just a man with a better consciousness.

Of course, Cox did not enjoy playing the character for a few years. There was no doubt in his surprise as well as the fans when the show was so abruptly canceled. However, many fans do not want his time as Daredevil to be completely over.

There are plenty of rumors about Daredevil getting a revival with Marvel Studios, and they tend to talk about Cox repeating his career. Several fans enjoyed his performance in the Netflix series and want him to return. In fact, some felt that the character should not return if the actor could not play. However, others would be fine if some actors played the role.

However, Cox succeeded in playing Daredevil. He put in a lot of hard work preparing for the job, and as a result he achieved an incredible performance.

How Charlie Cox prepared for ‘Daredevil’

Cox once shared an interesting story about what happened while preparing for the part of Daredevil. according to TVweb, the actor was attacked while conducting an investigation. He spoke about the incident at the Las Vegas Comic-Con panel.

The actor was in New York City, learning how to make a picture of a blind man. He was on the streets recording a real blind man. The purpose was to examine how different the movements would be, no matter how small. At times, the details can differentiate between good and very good performance.

Cox assured everyone that he had done this with the full consent of the man. In fact, there was someone who did not see it that way. A woman randomly saw him recording and admitting he had no permission. Thinking it was the act of urgency, the woman was beaten.

It is safe to say that the woman had the best intentions when she jumped into action. There is nothing wrong with wanting to help people who may need help. Perhaps, the story can teach Cox and fans a lesson about stopping and thinking about the most appropriate approach. Fortunately, the actor can look back on the event with fun.