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Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’ Holds ‘The Golden Robes’ Awards Before Returning To the Studio


Bravo’s Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen returns to Club studio on Sun., Oct. 11 at 10pm But before Andy Cohen makes a successful return he plans to hold a special awards ceremony honoring the final months of the online show.

JOIN NOW WITH ANDY COHEN @ HOME Andy Cohen, Bowen Yang, Monique Samuels | Bravo Photo Bank / NBCU

“Before returning to the studio, Andrew bids farewell to home production with ‘The Golden Robes,'” Bravo said in an emailed statement. The prestigious awards event celebrates the best and worst moments of the show from the prestigious venue.

The awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, October 7 at 10:30 and will mark the final one WWHL to hold a show almost. “We feel so lucky to have kept the show going, but there is no place like our clubhouse,” said Cohen. “I can’t wait to come home to my tchotchkes and bury my team.”

‘Very Bravo’ award categories

True to its brand, Bravo introduces categories like Ben Cohen’s quiet times to bad WiFi connections. Ramona Singer will also receive a special award for “outstanding technical achievement.”

Nominees and categories include:

THE HERO UNSUNG CAN BE DETERMINED: Harry Hamlin, Singer Avery, Mauricio [Umansky], Ray Huger, and Kroy Biermann.

THE BEST INSPIRATIONAL WORLD IN ANOTHER EXCELLENT * YEAR TTY: Jane Fonda afterwards (talking about keeping hope alive), John Mayer (a story about his 92-year-old father and the need to respect the elderly), Anderson Cooper (saying the most his mum), Goldie Hawn (talking about the importance of laughter) and Porsha Williams (in Pt 2 of our Black Lives Matter special, talk about what her grandfather used to do. reflect on its activity).