‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Star Says His First Day on Set Was Not ‘Normal’


Heavy and Beautiful new entrant Tanner Novlan and his character, Finn, are settling into the longtime soap opera. Novlan recently talked about his first day on the soap opera set.

Tanner Novlan
Tanner Novlan | Sonja Flemming / CBS through Getty Images

Tanner Novlan as Finn

Novlan is one of two new characters Heavy and Beautiful that was written in when the presentation came back from a production breakdown due to coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

His character, Professor John “Finn” Finnegan, was introduced as a doctor and a love interest for Steffy Forrester. Finn was one of two new characters et for when the production started, and the other Zende Forrester, who was not a new character per se but a new version of a legacy character.

Novlan is easily recognizable from the frequently appearing Liberty Mutual insurance trade. However, the actor says it has not been recognized often yet, apparently because there are fewer people out because of the pandemic. “I’ve worked a lot and we’re trying to be quarantined,” he said. “I haven’t had that experience yet. I’ve been lying low to try and stay safe, so I’m excited to interact with the fans once we catch this pandemic. ”

Heavy and Beautiful weekly air on CBS.