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‘Barefoot Contessa’ Ina Garten’s Kitchen Is Always Stocked With These 7 Gadgets


Contessa barefooted Ina Garten is releasing a new recipe book this month with the title Modern comfort food. This is the Food Network star ‘s 12th book, and Wow clean referring to the theme as “old-school dishes with a modern twist.” Garten has already given fans a sneak peek of her hot spicy apple rye recipe. She also shared her recipe for black and white cookies. Other recipes expected in the book include Smashed Hamburgers by Caramelized Onions. As well as Truffle Banana Rum and Cheddar and Chutney Grill Cheese Sandwiches.

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Garten’s mission is to help his fans Cook As Pro. However, that doesn’t happen with just her tasty recipes. Fans also need the proper kitchen appliances. Here are seven appliances that Ina Garten always stores in her kitchen.

1. Blender Alternative Blender

When it comes to Garten recipes, quality blending is one of the most essential ingredients. The Food Network star recommends the Waring Commercial Blender to help make everything from butternut squash to frozen daiquiris. The high-quality two-speed combination features a glass catcher and a chrome-plated waterfall design. It’s expensive, but well worth the investment.

2. Wüsthof chef’s knife

Garten has once again told her fans that good home cooking starts with a “good knife. Her suggestion is a classic Wüsthof chef’s knife. This is another quality item with a hefty price tag. However, the Barefoot Contessa swears it is worth the money.

3. Flexhone / Strop Pro Knife Sharpener cookware option

A knife needs good sharp quality. Garten’s recommendation is Chef’s Choice Flexhone / Strop Pro Knife Sharpener. It is a heavy-duty two-stage electric model for both vertical edge and serrated blades. The result is “fast, waterproof and very durable edges.”

4. Salter Aquatronic Glass Scale

When fans follow one of Garten’s recipes, the process is much easier with a high-end kitchen scale. Garten’s favorite is Salter Aquatronic’s Glass Scale, which is both beautiful and functional. This scale measures both dry and liquid ingredients on its platform. And it can change automatically for almost any container.

7. Traditional pepper mill

Garten is so fond of his pepper mill, she posted about it on Instagram. When a fan asked her about a video that showed the Barefoot Contessa making croutons, Garten couldn’t help but gush about her pepper mill.

“My pepper mill is called PepperMate and it is the best,” Garten wrote.

The nice big opening makes loading easy, and it can hold more peppers than most other mills. The crank is very easy to turn, and has an acrylic panel so it’s easy to tell when it needs refilling.

Barefoot contessa: a modern comfort food visit bookstores on 6 October.