‘The Chi’: Luke James on the Importance of His Character’s Transgender Love Interest


Quarter 3 of The Chi full of turn and turn. One is a handful of new members, including Trig (Luke James) and the transgender love interest Imani (Jasmine Davis).

Luke James
Luke James | Gary Gershoff / Getty Images

Former show star Barton Fitzpatrick had to dismiss rumors that he had left the show because he would have a transgender partner within his story. In a new interview, James opens up about the importance of transgender representation on such a show.

Luke James on ‘The Chi’

James features Trig, Jake’s older brother. Season 3 ends with Brandon, Trig and Jake ‘s brother, in an arrangement with local detectives, in which he works as an informant.

Before the start of season 3, Brandon is dead and there is no explanation for his death, except that his life was claimed by gun violence.

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Trig returns after being in prison for several years with the decision to recapture Jake. He plans to lead Jake away from the streets. However, Trig has his own set of issues.

Trig is an old street and is currently in a relationship with a transgender woman, Imani, who is kept relatively secretive.

Nonetheless, Trig tries his best to rise above his position. With help from Imani, he gains a hold of Jake. Jake is not blind to Imani’s transgender status, and he is not ashamed.

Season 3 ends with the three reunited and excited for the future.

Luke James talks about the representation of transgender people and love for ‘The Chi’

Opinions on Imani’s character are mixed. Some said they were already suspicious, while others said they had no idea. Either way, James says it shouldn’t matter.

While talking to Bevy Smith on her Bevalations podcast, James opens up about transgender love interest and appearance in today’s society. Smith praises Davis for her portrayal, calling it confident and beautiful. In addition, Smith says Davis had doubts about revealing his transgender status to the word.

Nevertheless, Smith says Davis did not want to represent a transgender character for fear of being a typecast. Nonetheless, Smith says Davis took the job because she thinks the character is a good example.

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Smith praises James for appearing to be comfortable with Davis in the job. But James explains that they need to be represented.

“I think we are in a different way – or people will try to separate from the LGBTQ community as if these people don’t feel, they don’t have the same feelings that they do they want, that they do not have the same goals and desires of love and freedom just as we all do, ”says James.

James continues: “And, we’ve made it a kind of taboo thing where people feel they have to hide themselves and my character has a lot of work to do,” he says. “It’s good to see that this is a real man and to see beauty loving her and trying to love her completely, while at the same time loving her completely. – her inner beauty is trying to help herself. ”

The Chi updated for 4th season and will return in 2021. It’s unclear what James and Davis ’stories will turn upside down.