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Mona Scott-Young Confirms David Adefeso Refused To Participate In Tamar Braxton’s Reality Show With Vincent Herbert


Now that Tamar Braxton’s Our new TV spinoff Get Ya Life on air, fans come to their own conclusions about her relationship with her boyfriend, David Adefeso. Rumors of Adefeso’s control behavior are present, but viewers now believe the hype.

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One of the rumors about Adefeso is that he refused to take part in the show if Vincent Herbert, who was Braxton ‘s husband, was involved. Mona Scott-Young now seems to confirm the rumor.

David Adefeso is reportedly refusing to take part in the Tamar Braxton show with Vincent Herbert

Adefeso first said that he and Herbert were close friends. Braxton said Adefeso was a bonus father to her and Herbert’s son, 7-year-old Logan.

Nevertheless, once Braxton and Adefeso ‘s relationship began to unfold, rumors of Adefeso’ s disciplinary behavior began to surface. One of these is that Adefeso had problems with Herbert appearing on Braxton ‘s We TV spinoff.

According to a report by Brand Jasmine, one of Braxton ‘s intentions for her show was to show her successful co – parenting relationship with Herbert, but Adefeso had problems with such.

Source: YouTube

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“David closed it,” said the source. “It wasn’t for Vincent on the show at all. It’s almost like he was jealous and wanted to give the false impression that Vince wasn’t around. He wanted to make himself, Tamar and Logan seem happy families without Vince. That’s not true at all and he’s playing out on camera. ”

Before Adefeso and Braxton broke up, Braxton put a strong defense on Adefeso. She described him as an angel on earth and someone who looked up for her in her darkest days. Braxton said the media’s interpretation of Adefeso was wrong.

Mona Scott-Young seems to confirm David Adefeso’s rejection for a film screening with Vincent Herbert

Braxton eventually chose Adefeso. Adefeso’s cases with Braxton are currently on display. At one glance, Herbert dismissed himself and Braxton’s son. Braxton and Herbert have a fun exchange, but he doesn’t show up on camera.

A note from a production appears on camera explaining that Adefeso refuses to make a film if Herbert takes part in the show. In another scene, Adefeso confronts Braxton about Herbert being in his “home” without his knowledge. It is later revealed that Braxton is home, but Adefeso insists that he and Braxton share a place and should be aware of his wishes.

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A former Braxton employee and close friend is questioning one of the show’s executive representatives, Mona Scott-Young, on Twitter regarding rumors about Adefeso’s refusal to participate in the show with Herbert. He simply asks: Did Adefeso’s contract out say Herbert could not appear on the show?

First, Scott-Young uses the broad approach, saying that if she has nothing nice to say, she should say nothing at all. She then speaks a little more clearly, apparently confirming that Adefeso ‘s contract for the show clearly states that he will not participate if Herbert is part of the show.

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“They say they don’t believe everything you read except in this case….” she replied.

Get Ya Life air every Thursday on We TV at 9pm EST.